What You See, is Who You Are

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What the past is to your paradigm, your self-image is to your future.
The canvas that you paint today based on your vision for tomorrow will become your reality.
Who you are today, is based on your present vision and thoughts.
That's why you drop yesterday like a hot potato and focus on the present; your present shapes your future.
In the previous chapters, we've discovered how shifting our mindset can actually change our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions to reflect who we want to be and how to attract the relationships, situations, happiness and success that we want into our lives.
The Power of Vision Principle helps us to create a clear mental picture of the life we want to live by starting to program your thoughts today, to produce the exact results we want to see in the future.
Once again, I'll refer to one of my favorite leaders and quotes by Gandhi, "we must be the change we wish to see in the world.
" It all starts with you! The Law of Attraction Although there is no dedicated chapter to the Law of Attraction in this e-Book, I have noted in "The Principals of Success," that based on the natural laws of energy, we attract the people and circumstances into our life based on our thoughts.
The canvas for your tomorrow, begins with your thoughts today.
To get what you want in the future, you must plant the seeds firmly in your mind, based on your present thoughts.
Your thoughts will shape you and your life.
They will determine your actions, opportunities and your life's journey.
The energy that comes from your mind, will attract like people, events and circumstances into your life.
Are you starting to see how what we've discussed so far is all connected.
You'll never create a vision for success and happiness if your thoughts are grounded in the mistakes and short comings of your past.
I prefer to use the terms mistakes and short comings because in my estimation, the only failures in life are in staying stuck at ground zero; not living, not trying, not moving forward.
You can't, I repeat, you can't succeed without making mistakes.
If you play it safe, you'll never find your purpose or realize your destiny.
By sitting on your backside, worrying about failing or licking your wounds due to past mistakes, you'll never find the road that God has planned for you to explore.
If you think prosperity, you will attract prosperous people.
Mistakes Are Good Emotional scars are a sign of life, of taking risk, going for the gusto, reaching for the stars and not.
As a baby, you only fall down when you try to walk.
If you don't try, you don't fall down, if you don't fall down, you don't learn to walk, if you don't learn to walk, you'll never learn to run.
Mistakes are a road map for your future; they're part of the learning experience of life.
People who are successful and prosperous in life, make many mistakes before they achieve their prosperity and success, you are just not aware of them.
Mistakes guide you toward your dreams, your goals and are red flags in helping you to avoid more serious setbacks.
Based on my own personal life, I can tell you that I've learned more from my mistakes than I have from my successes.
Why is this true you may ask? Because, if you're self-aware in regard to your thoughts, beliefs and actions you are always striving to learn and understand why you do the things you do.
The gap between being aware and unaware, is the difference between success and failure, prosperity and poverty.
The Power of Vision Principle helps you to create a clear mental picture of who you want to be and the life you want to live.
Let's envision this analogy for a moment; would you agree that if you were an artist and you gave your brush, your paints and canvas to another artist, that the end result, the painting, would be quite different than the one you would have painted yourself? Of course it would, because the end result was not based on your vision.
But that's what you're doing with your life, when you let someone else paint your Picasso.
What Is Visualization Your visualization is your road map, a vision of your future; it's your mental picture of how you want to live your life.
Let's take a moment to talk about how a vision gets created.
This gets really interesting! Your subconscious mind operates much like a camera; whatever picture you plant in your subconscious mind with strong belief and emotion, leaves a footprint or image on your subconscious.
Plant the seed of whatever you envision for yourself and your life, then re-enforce your vision through daily focus, meditation and positive self-talk.
Your vision will enable you to go into action and stay in action, as you move toward manifesting your intention.
But here's the really interesting aspect of creating your vision.
Science has learned and proven that man can create anything he can imagine.
The creative imagination is one of the most powerful forms of energy known to man.
Your vision is only limited by your imagination.
Your mind is not capable of distinguishing between reality and the pictures you plant in your mind, as long as you re-enforce them with strong emotion and faith.
Emotion is your greatest motivator.
The Power of Vision works in the opposite direction as well.
If your imagination sends negative picture to your subconscious, your mind will recognize those as reality.
This is why negative thoughts create negative results, your subconscious will fulfill the pictures that your imagination created.
Why would anyone use such a proven powerful concept in a negative manner, when it's been proven that this principle has changed lives and turned poor men into rich men, sad men into happy men since the beginning of time.
From Dreams To Action We've discussed the power of your imagination and how it's capable of creating new visions for your life.
However remember this, "a dream without a plan, is nothing more than a dream.
" You must take the new vision that your imagination has created and turn the dream into reality.
The only way to accomplish this is to develop a plan and then put that plan into action.
You must pay to play.
In God's world, you don't get any points or attract prosperity by dreaming..
only by doing.
An action plan is the connection between your vision and manifesting your vision into intention.
The key to manifestation is to powerfully and persistently focus your attention on what you desire.
Most people will walk away from their dream at the first bump in the road, some will make it through the storm and others will simply dip their toes in the water but never really commit, never really take on the risk they need to take to be successful.
Taking Risks Did you know that God wants us to take risks; it's God's way of challenging and motivating us to journey where we've never been before.
Here's the reality of vision and risk.
When you tap into your imagination, you're tapping into your spirit, the spirit of true potentiality.
Your spirit is how God communicates with you, so it's in your vision that God shares with you what is possible for you to achieve.
God will never hand over what you desire; he will share the knowledge you need to have so you can go out and get it for yourself.
He does this through your vision with spirit.
Without risk in your life, you will never accomplish great things.
To accomplish great things, you must have a great vision, a vision full of purpose and passion, one that is worthy of your toil and sweat.
All great achievements start first with a dream and the dream becomes a vision.

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