How to Get Teacher Certification in New Jersey

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    How to Get Teacher Certification in New Jersey

    • 1). Enroll in a teacher preparation program. This may be at a university or another school that offers preparation. If you are enrolled at a university in New Jersey, you must go to your college certification officer to fill out an application for certification. Candidates who obtain certification this way will receive a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS).

    • 2). Participate in district training programs to obtain licensure if you did not attend a traditional teacher preparation program or university. Go to the office of education in the county where you wish to work to apply. If you choose to participate in this alternate route to certification, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (CE).

    • 3). Apply to the Office of Licensure and Credentials by mail if you are an out-of-state applicant. Write to:

      New Jersey State Department of Education

      Office of Licensure and Credentials

      P.O. Box 500

      Trenton, NJ 08625-0500

      Attention: Out-of-State Application

      As an out-of-state applicant, this will permit you to get your CE or CEAS.

    • 4). Gain employment in a state-approved district training program in order to obtain your Provisional Certificate. To receive a Provisional Certificate, a candidate must also possess a CE or CEAS. The Provisional Certificate lasts two years.This is the second step of the certification process, which will enable a teacher to enjoy longer-term employment than just a CE or CEAS will.

    Standard Certification

    • 1). Follow New Jersey's guidelines to receiving your Standard Certification, which is a form of permanent certification. An applicant must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited school. In addition, a holder of a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree must have completed the course work with a grade point average above a 2.75 if you graduated after September 2004.

    • 2). Take the Praxis or School Leadership Series test or tests and achieve a passing score if you hope to have your Standard Certification for secondary teaching. If you wish to have Standard Certification at the elementary school level, you must take 60 credit hours at a college or university related to the Liberal arts or sciences.

    • 3). Visit the county office of education to pass an exam in physiology, hygiene and substance abuse. Contact the county office of education if you have basic military training or college study related to biology or a similar field, as you may not have to take the exam. Lastly, anyone who wants a Standard Certificate must take the Provisional Teacher Program, a mentoring program for teachers, or a college teacher preparation program offered by the state. Contact the county office of education to get information on any exams or programs you may have to take.


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