The Salary of ROTC Instructors

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    Basic Pay

    • All uniformed military members get paid a base salary, which is a function of their rank and number of years in service. The Department of Defense publishes a pay table every year, listing the exact monthly salary every service member can expect. Officers with at least four years of enlisted experience get paid extra, though officers with less than four years of enlisted time do not get credit for their enlisted time for pay purposes. They do get credit for those years for the purposes of retirement, however.

    Pay Examples

    • An O-3, which equates to a captain in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps and a lieutenant in the Navy, with eight years of commissioned service and no prior enlisted experience, earns $5,449.20 per month. An E-7, which is a noncommissioned officer rank, earns a base salary of $3,750.90 per month.


    • At most campuses, ROTC instructors are members of the faculty and staff of the college or university. As such, they may receive free tuition for themselves or their dependents while assigned as an ROTC instructor. It is not unusual for ROTC faculty to complete a master's degree program while assigned to ROTC duty.

    Other Allowances

    • ROTC faculty also receive a monthly nontaxable Basic Allowance for Housing, or BAH. There are two kinds of BAH: service members with dependents receive BAH Type II, while those with no dependents receive BAH Type I. This housing allowance is designed to cover the basic expenses of housing in a particular community. The amount depends on the service member's rank and the cost of living in the area in which he is stationed.


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