Pros and Cons of the Pixma Mx860

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When reading many of the Amazon reviews on the pixma mx860, the conclusion is that it is a solid 3.
5 to 4 star printer.
Designed by Cannon to answer the consumer request for a wireless all in one, this printer has done exactly that, but at the same time failed in several areas.
Those that have purchased it have been extremely pleased at the price, the ability to scan duplexed copies, and the print quality of both documents and photos.
Die hard Cannon fans have expressed their disappointments in the areas of wireless print speed, wireless setup and incoming faxes.
Pricing is one of the major pros to this deluxe piece of equipment.
The Pixma mx860 came to the market priced at approximately $200, now being two years old it is priced below $150.
This is an amazing price range for an all-in-one and an especially good price range for a wireless one.
The pixma mx860 has the ability to scan duplexed copies simply by telling it that the original is duplexed and it then scans it and keeps the pages in the correct order.
There are very few scanners on the market with this capability, especially in this price range.
Most of the all-in-ones that hit the market during the time that the Cannon introduced the pixma mx860 did not have this ability.
The print quality is very good and approaches laser quality.
It has the ability to print duplex documents as well, and waits for the first side to dry before printing the second side to prevent smearing.
Photo printing also produces very good prints.
On the other side of the reviews for the pixma mx860, is the print speed.
Most users do not have major complaints when directly connected to the printer, those who utilize the wireless connection report that the print speed leaves a lot to be desired.
The users also report difficulty in setting up the initial wireless connection and several reviews offer step by step instructions on how this must be handled.
One of the last areas of concern in the initial production of the printer does not allow the user to set the number of rings that will allow the fax to pick-up.
This makes it very difficult to co-exist on a single telephone line with the home phone.
Overall the pixma mx860 offers a bargain.

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