Search Engine Optimization - An SEO Article a Day Keeps the Competition at Bay

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One of the golden rules of search engine optimization is to keep producing new content.
It's simply not good enough to develop search engine friendly content once, and then walk away.
Just like the old age health adage, "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away", in search engine optimisation, "An article a day keeps the competition at bay".
Here are some tips to help you develop the right kind of SEO content for your website.
SEO Quantity & Quality When you're faced with the task of churning out a piece of search engine optimization content a day, it's tempting to sacrifice quality for quantity.
What you say, and how you say it, is just as important as how often you write.
Try to keep your content relevant, original, and well researched.
This way, you will maximise your article's chance at being picked up by numerous webmasters.
Search Engine Optimization Subject Matter Expert When writing articles that you want picked up by as many webmasters as possible you need to establish your credibility as a subject matter expert.
Presenting a cohesive, detailed argument that cites other well-known experts is an effective way to establish credibility.
Also, an SE optimised article written in an authoritative tone of voice is far more powerful than if you use passive, weak language.
Additionally, don't be afraid to use industry catchphrases and give both a technical and everyday explanation of your topics.
Not Just Search Engine Optimisation Articles When content is king, it's not just articles that will help you fight off the competition.
Any piece of well-written SEO copywriting will do the job.
Popular search engine optimization content includes SEO press releases, blog posts, whitepapers, and increasingly video and audio content.
The key is to make it relevant to your audience, and use your keywords appropriately.
SEO Keyword Integration -- The Right Way Using keywords appropriately is a very relevant point, and probably deserves an article solely dedicated to the topic.
So many SEO firms and DIY Search Engine Optimization copywriters get this part very wrong.
There are three keyword elements, which all interrelate, that set a good SEO article from a bad one.
Firstly, good articles only optimise their content for a maximum of three keywords.
Anymore than this and the article loses its integrity and readability.
Fittingly, readability is the next keyword element that separates good from bad.
When optimising the content for the designated keyword the golden rule is to never sacrifice readability for keyword density.
And thirdly, too many mentions of a keyword in an article is counterproductive.
If you have an article with too many mentions of any keyword your article will be considered spam and will not pass many article distribution sites' standards.
By following the above things you will maintain the good health of your business.

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