Approaching Bass Cover

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Good grade 'A' Bass cover is not much good to us Bass anglers unless thought is put into the approach.
A good approach involves good execution and a plan of attack.
Many feel that in order to find out whether or not Bass cover is good or not is by going straight to it, quietly of course, so that we can have a good look at it to fish it.
Why not fish while you are on your way from a distance.
Many fish get lockjaw when you get there, but if you cast close to and around the good structure from a distance you will be surprised at the outcome.
This is especially apparent in clear water situations.
Depending on depth use your fast baits.
A good fast bait to use on the approach is a spinner bait, but with deeper water you can use a crank bait.
If the Bass are active they will strike leaving its cover.
The spinner bait with willow blades will even be warranted in weed cover for its ability to deflect them.
Why not even try top water baits on the approach too! Soft finessed baits will work as well with distant casts in this situation.
The point is, good Bass cover might only be good from a distance and sometimes it seems that the closer we get to it the more closed the Bass' mouths get.
Take your time in getting there using distance to your advantage.
When you do get close enough, then slow rigs are used such as jigs and Texas rigged baits.
Wind plays a role here in the approach.
I prefer to work my way into the wind therefore giving me more control of the boat.
But that isn't always the case because the wind isn't always co-operative.
Try to factor the wind into your approach because it will make it or break it as far as success goes.
On the approach I like to shut the engine down way in advance of the area and I check the temperature of the water.
The reason for this is colder water should slow your techniques and warm water should quicken them.
So, when reaching for my spinner bait I already know what speed to start at.
With the combo in hand I dismount the trolling motor into the water and start casting.
You would be surprised as to how many Bass are taken in the first few casts and then some once in cover.
Let's not jump right into good Bass cover! Why not fish it thoroughly meaning not just the cover itself, but rather its whole surrounding which is part of the Bass cover make up.
The Bass are not there just for the hundred square feet of cover they are there for a reason.
They utilize all of their surroundings at one point or another so why shouldn't we.
Take the time on your approach and work every square inch because if you don't think of all the Bass you will miss out on.

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