How to Get People to Join Your Business - A Computer Company Used the Power of Free

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Google doesn't charge for most of its services.
It provides them for free.
Google this year will make over $800 million in revenue and over 200 million in profit.
At 190 billion plus it is worth more than Wal-Mart or IBM.
Yet most of its services are free.
How does that work? There has been a epic shift in advertising dollars away from traditional media to the internet.
That's where the money is coming from.
The concept of free in business has been used effectively by many, many companies in the last hundred years.
In 1983, Apple introduced the Apple IIe.
As a corporation Apple was ranked 411 on the Fortune 500 list.
In an effort to gain a foothold in the education market, Apple launched a program called "Kids Can't Wait".
Through that program Apple gave away 10,000 computers to schools.
The program was a complete success, because years later Apple had secured a relationship with schools that would make them the dominant computer in education for many years to come.
This must have been a costly proposition.
When you first think about the "kids can't wait" program it doesn't sound very smart.
But upon further consideration, when schools had more money to spend upon computers, they remembered their generous friends at Apple that had already given them one computer.
They knew what that one computer could do before they decided to buy more Apples.
People love free.
If you're at all into studying internet marketing you probably follow a number of the internet teachers or "gurus" as they've become known.
The "gurus" give away a lot of information.
From their perspective what they're doing is turning on the magnet.
When they "provide value" to their customers, they're giving them information that is valuable.
They don't give all of their information away.
They sell their most current information.
If their customers regard their information as beneficial they keep coming back for more information usually about home-based businesses.
They develop a list and market to their list.
But the wheel is set in motion because of the free information that is provided initially.
A very logical step in this concept of free is to have a free product that has the capability or potential to make money for the person that it's given to.
Before Christmas there will be a new browser launched that has the capability of making money for those that use it.
The browser will be free and will cost nothing to use.
It can be a business opportunity.
It can also just be a product that is used by its consumers.

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