How to Gain and Keep Your Edge in the Affiliate Marketing World

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The affiliate marketing industry is highly competitive.
Affiliate marketing is often thought to be an easy but very rewarding job.
So there is no surprise that blue oceans (untapped niches) quickly become red oceans and highly crowded in a matter of days.
So there is no surprise that many affiliate marketers drop out of their markets after months of grappling for a piece of the pie in their markets.
Since the barriers to entry are low for new affiliates, everyone can enter any market at any time.
As long as you afford a web host and can pay $20 - $100 for a premium template, you can get started in the affiliate industry.
But the key to creating a sustainable affiliate business is to create layers of strengths that cannot be duplicated easily by others who are entering your market: oStay ahead of the curve: in the affiliate marketing world, it is very easy to become and stay stagnant.
You find a product that is making money, and you stop innovating.
But the truth is, your checks will stop as soon as your turf is attacked by new affiliates.
And often, more energetic affiliates can drive you out of your market by outsmarting and outworking you.
By staying at the top of your industry and new technologies, you can make sure you add the burden of the learning curve for new affiliates.
It's not going to stop them, but it is going to keep them at bay for quite sometime.
oUse Cutting Edge Affiliate Tools: many affiliate marketers talk about how they settle for WordTracker instead of Keyword Spy.
The truth is that many of these affiliate tools offer different features and can provide you with synergies if they are used together.
Many new affiliates only settle for one tool as they can't afford, or don't see the need for, other tools.
New affiliate marketers can copy your website and even your AdWords ads, but they cannot copy the method.
oUse Your Affiliate Network: networking with other affiliate marketers is the most underrated part of this business.
Having connections in the industry opens doors for your business and can help you find profitable projects.
In addition, new entrants can't duplicate your network easily, which means you are going to have a significant edge on any new marketer who is planning to launch an assault on your market.
Affiliate marketing is a tough business that many fail in on an everyday basis.
But by persevering and building layers of strengths for your business, you can build a solid business foundation that cannot be duplicated by copycats.

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