Jobless Candidates

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A candidate after completing his/ her studies looks for job and few are placed at good positions with good pay package but the rest of the mass is left JOBLESS. Lets see to the fact as to why a candidate is left jobless even after completing his studies from a good institute with flying colors. A candidate secures 90 %, 80 % and dreams of getting a good and lumpsum salary. These top notch candidates sits for interview and few clear and land up to their dream job while rest of them struggle. Why this left over mass struggle even after getting good percentage ? The reason is very simple they cram up the whole thing during exams and consult guide books for their reference rather than original books of author. The result is that they have very limited knowledge about a subject and they are just fit for writing exams and getting good marks. A candidate never understands how important it is to have proper knowledge of a subject. They just believe its the work of college in which they are studying and their teachers to teach them. They fail to understand the fact that lack of knowledge or poor knowledge can never outperform and never rise up the ladder of success.

A candidate has to be hard working from day one when he takes on a career study and has to do a lot of reading and learning then only he can become a quality employee. The goal should be fixed and they should have a far sighted vision to look beyond exams and class test to be successful. We have seen in real life that a person who is topper and always gets good marks sometimes cannot make it through the interviews. The question arises why ? The reason is he never through beyond good marks and grades. He never realized that subject knowledge is very important.

A candidate remains jobless due to few other reasons too. They are -

1)Higher expectations from the joining company.
2)Expect a good pay package at the start of the career.
3)Compare themselves with other college friends who are placed well and getting a good pay package.
4)Stay at home and take rest thinking they just have to submit resumes and company will call them and place them.
5)Look for jobs and dont compromise on salary less than their expected salary.
6)Companies should be centrally located so that they can boost their friends that they are working in a good and big company.
7)They want to work only in big company and don't entertain call from small companies.
8)They want to stick with the technology which they feel comfortable and dont want to shift according to companies requirements.
9)They think if they are thrown from one company they will get better placed in other company.
10)They work in a company for one month and shift.
11)They want that they should get holidays as and when they want and its none of their business is the work is getting hampered in between.
12)They are not ready to take on any responsibilities.
13)They just want to work at office hours and if they are given extra work they will quit.
14)They always want to show their superiority and compare themselves with other employees.

Its not a ridicule but i just want to show the candidates who are left jobless their drawbacks. If a candidate or an employee changes his mindset he will never be left jobless and is sure to prosper be it any field. Its a very right saying " Its your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude." Why not change the mindset from day one and start studying and make yourself fit for companies.

Frankly speaking there is vacancy in each and every company but they don't recruit due to lack of quality work force. Every company is looking for quality and not quantity work force.
The situation is so worse that a company comes looking for 50 employees and recruits only 2 - 3 candidates from the whole mass. There are various questions which needs to be answered :
Is it that the company expects too much ? Or Is it the candidates are not up to the mark ?
These questions really needs to be answered for the betterment of the candidate seeking job.

Just try to over come over your drawbacks and change your attitude and see the miracle happening in your life. All The Best.

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