How Can I Send a Text Online?

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    • 1). Access a Web browser using your personal computer. Navigate to a website that allows you to send texts online. Options include SMS Everywhere, Txt2day, Online Text Message and Send a Text Online.

    • 2). Type the required information into the provided fields. You will need to supply the cell phone number of the chosen text recipient, and your email address.

      The cell phone number should appear as 10 digits in total, in the following format: 000-000-0000, with the first three numbers representing the area code without parentheses.

    • 3). Choose the cellular service provider for the person you are sending the text message to from the drop-down menu.

    • 4). Type the message subject into the "Subject" field.

    • 5). Type the text message into the "Text Message" field.

    • 6). Read and agree to the terms of use, either via a checked box, or by clicking on a button that says "I Agree."

    • 7). Click the "Send" or "Send Now" to send the text message.


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