FIFA World Cup Champion?

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Fifteen days have passed since the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and 16 teams remain to compete for the distinctive FIFA World Cup Trophy and establish themselves as the "Soccer Champions of the World.
" After many days of Vuvuzelas, controversial calls, and dazzling goals, we are getting a clearer picture on which team might emerge victorious in this year's FIFA World Cup.
It is now June 26 and the matchups are set.
It will be Uruguay vs.
South Korea, The United States vs.
Ghana, Netherlands vs.
Slovakia, Brazil vs.
Chile, Germany vs.
England, Argentina vs.
Mexico, Paraguay vs.
Japan, and Portugal vs.
While the remaining countries are filled with immeasurable amounts of exuberance, the teams that were eliminated are feeling the same amount of disparity.
Unfortunately, fifteen other teams will feel this disparity by the end of the competition, with only one having the privilege to feel the exhilaration of becoming champions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
All 16 teams have an opportunity to write history, which country will ascend to greatness? Nothing in the World Cup is predictable.
Because we are in the knockout stage of the competition, its win or go home.
More than likely, there will be some games decided by penalty kicks, where anything could happen.
No matter how superior a team is, if they don't make the most of their chances, they can be knocked out at the blink of an eye.
In a matter of seconds, hopes can be crushed and dreams can be fulfilled.
Even with these uncertainties, I will make these predictions: • South Korea will surprise many with a win over Uruguay.
• Ghana, being the only African team remaining in the World Cup will play with an enhanced amount of determination and pull through against the U.
• Both the Netherlands and Brazil will cruise through their first round opponents, Slovakia and Paraguay.
• Germany's efficiency will prove to be superior to England's talent, putting the Germans through to the quarterfinals.
• Argentina will squander Mexico's defense with help from Lionel Messi.
• Japan will beat Paraguay • Although Crisitiano Ronaldo will play well against Spain, it will not be enough to smother Spain's firepower.
The second round matchups will be South Korea vs.
Ghana, Netherlands vs.
Brazil, Germany vs.
Argentina, and Japan vs.
• South Korea will crush Ghana's dreams of becoming the first African country to win the World Cup.
• While the Netherlands are able to matchup well against the talented Brazilian squad, Kaka and Robinho will overwhelm the Dutch and lead Brazil into the semifinals.
• Messi and the Argentineans will squeeze out a victory over a well-organized German team.
• Once again, Spain's proficient squad will overpower the Japanese, who don't have much scoring capabilities.
The semifinals will consist of South Korea vs.
Brazil and Argentina vs.
• After a fascinating run to the semis, the South Koreans will be demolished by a brilliant and confident Brazil team.
• Argentina will prove to be no match for the high powered Spanish team, mostly because of Spain's superior midfield.
Battle for the FIFA World Cup Trophy: Brazil vs.
Spain Despite excluding legendary players like Ronaldinho and Ronaldo from their squad, Coach Dunga will prove he knows what he's doing as Brazil wins their 6th World Cup title.

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