Serving A Volleyball

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Want to get better at serving a volleyball? Try this! THE SET UP If you are a right handed server plant your RIGHT foot forward.
Then, as you toss the ball, step forward at the same time with your LEFT foot.
Your entire body will be moving with a forward momentum toward the far court.
Guess what? Without any great refinement on the toss and contact of the ball, you will see an immediate increase in distance.
Because the laws of physics demand that greater force makes the object go further.
(if left handed..
do it opposite)
NOW FOR YOUR TOSS AND CONTACT Until you get the hang of it, toss the ball using 2 hands and release the ball at eye level.
When you know you can serve consistently try to keep your toss at 5-6 ft in the air.
As you get better you can switch to a one handed and lower toss.
Bring the hitting arm back with your elbow high and your thumb down (the archery position).
Contact the ball high with the palm shaped around the ball (middle of palm to middle to ball).
Make sure that you are following through the swing toward the intended target.
Now that you know this...
go practice over and over again and you will gradually see improvement with your serve.
If you don't always have access to a volleyball court with the net set up just practice you toss with the step as well as contacting high by hitting it repeatedly against a wall.

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