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    Mineral Makeup

    • "Bare" mineral makeup (or makeup foundation in powdered form) contains no artificial chemicals. When applied to the skin it has a smoother, more natural appearance than traditional foundations.

      According to Beauty Minerals Magazine, there are several key ingredients in bare mineral makeup. Titanium Dioxide is a white powder that protects from the sun by forming a thin, impermeable layer on your skin. Another key ingredient in iron oxides. As iron oxidizes it forms the color rust, which can take on various hues of color, such as red, pink, brown or taupe. These colors can then be applied to the skin. Another important ingredient in mineral makeup is Kaolin. This smooth, white substance can be found at the bottom of lakes and is used to keep the makeup durable. Kaolin is also known for absorbing excessive oil. For those prone to oily skin, Kaolin can help clear the skin and prevent acne from forming. In addition, it can be used daily. Zinc oxide offers protection from the sun, similar to titanium dioxide. It's also excellent for soothing the skin, especially during inflammation and over-exposure to the sun, as well as calming rosacea. In addition to Sheer Cover, cosmetic companies such as Maybelline and Cover Girl manufacture this powdered form of mineral makeup.

    Mineral Liquid Foundation

    • If you don't mind wearing foundation, but don't like a heavy liquid coverage, mineral liquid foundation is another option. Unlike traditional foundations that are made of synthetic chemical substances, mineral liquid foundation is all natural. In addition, mineral liquid foundation is less likely to clog your pores. Mineral liquid foundation offers seamless coverage, blending with your natural skin tone without leaving lines or streaks. Mica is an ingredient contained in mineral liquid foundation, which gives the makeup a luminous effect when applied to the skin. Mica also helps improve the texture of the foundation, giving it a creamy composition without clumping or dripping.


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