How to Promote Positive Beliefs

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    • 1). List of your current beliefs. They could relate to your career, personal life or financial situation, or they could relate to how you view the world in general. Review the list once you've completed it to ensure you've captured as many of your beliefs as you can.

    • 2). Evaluate your beliefs. Determine which of your beliefs are "negative" and move them to a separate list or notate them somehow. Once you've isolated your negative beliefs, begin rewriting them as "positives." For example, rather than focusing on the fact you've not published a bestselling novel, focus on the fact you have a wonderful idea for a first draft.

    • 3). Read your list of positive beliefs daily. Ideally, you would do this first thing every morning so that you start your day with positivity, but reviewing your list at any point in the day still will help you promote positive beliefs.

    • 4). Review your list any time you feel your thoughts turning negative. Rereading your positive beliefs when you are having a rough day will remind you of all your positive attributes and accomplishments and help you get your thinking more positive.

    • 5). Believe you will succeed. If you've been engaging in negative thinking for most of your life, it's going to be difficult to change your thought patterns. If you experience bumps in the road, keep reading your list of positive beliefs and add to it as needed. You'll need to believe you will succeed in changing your thinking in order to truly change your thinking.

    • 6). Encourage others to engage in positive thinking as well. If your friends, family members or coworkers express negative beliefs to you, help them turn their thinking around and show them how to focus on the positives in their lives. Help them make their own lists of negative beliefs if they ask for additional help in thinking positively.


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