Nokia 6230i - If You Want It All

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The Nokia 6230i phone is characterized by diverse functionalities.
The handset is a candy bar model available in three shades - silver , black, and brown.
The colours exude faint sheen and are pleasant to the eye.
The phone is equipped for multiple use, and its proficiency can be tested anywhere.
It weighs light with 99 grams and can be carried to any part of the globe.
The phone's connectivity is powered by tri-band technology.
This ensures operability in all five continents.
The handset is user friendly, a fact evinced by the simplicity of the design.
It has a five-way navigation key that assists users in mapping the contents of the phone.
The Nokia 6230i phone consists if a 1.
3 mega pixel camera.
It is engineered to capture detailed images.
The camera can also shoot video sequences.
It constitutes an integrated video player useful in playing, downloading, and streaming videos on the handset.
The novel aspect of this phone is its ability to add sound effect to the videos.
Users can avail the enhanced music functionality.
The Nokia 6230i phone can play songs in a variety of file formats.
This renders users the opportunity to play music of their choice.
The built-in FM Stereo connects you to a multitude of music lovers.
You can even set songs in the AAC, MP3, and MIDI formats as your ringtones.
With messaging options aplenty, the Nokia 6230i phone proves to be a perfect office tool.
But, what makes this handset a gamers resort is the sheer variety of games it offers.
You can play Golf and Street Racer in the 3D mode.
You can also play Backgammon and Space Mahjong on this handset.
What would make you splurge is the facility to download new Java games.
So if you want it all,grabNokia 6230i[http://www.

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