EBook Secrets - Can You Really Promote Your EBook For Free?

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So you want to start promoting your new eBook but you don't have any money to spend on advertising.
What are you supposed to do? The good news is that the Internet affords you a lot of different no-cost options for promoting what you're trying to sell.
Notice the correct term is no-cost -- as in no money needs to be spent.
But you'll have to spend some of your time and effort to make these cost free promotional efforts work.
Keep that in mind if you have a busy schedule and only have a few minutes per day to spare.
There are a LOT of cost free ways to promote your eBook, but in this article I only have space to share one with you.
This is an extremely effective way to let the world know about your new product.
What am I referring to? Press releases.
There are two kinds.
Paid and free.
Obviously, you'll want to go with the free kind.
You can submit your press release to a variety of no cost press release services that exist on the Internet.
Just do a quick search engine check and you'll find bunches of them.
Many will even let you link to your website.
So why are press releases effective? For two reasons.
There are a lot of content aggregation websites that will take your press release and publish it on their website.
This translates into more exposure for you.
The other reason why press releases are so effective is because we all have a tendency to view a press release as being a somewhat authoritative source of news and information.
That gives your credibility, which as an author, is important to have.

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