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Chaotic Collectible Card Game

A highly popular trading card game, or TCG, has emerged, and evolved from a popular animation, Chaotic. Not only has the game come to the TCG scene, but it has a fully developed version on the internet where people can compete against other players with the deck they just bought from any retailer in

Teen Driving Experience Log Book For New Drivers

Teaching their teen to drive is a stressful, emotional experience for many parents, but making training time count is one of the most important things you will ever do for your child.To help train your teen on a wide range of driving skills a teen driving experience log book helps to ensure they are

Teen Motivation 101- The Secret of My Success

The secret of my success really isn't a secret at all.When I say success, I am not talking about money, status, or power.I am speaking about fulfilling a dream or accomplishing a goal.

Do Your Kids Have the Mid-Year Blues?

The school year is half over and the first day excitement is a distant memory. Need a little mid-year pick me up? Keep your kids motivated and ready for each day with new school wear and gear.

Furniture and American Dolls

Did you know that there is furniture for each American doll? Each doll has a special setting and furniture need, from beds to desks.

Who Would You Like to be Today?

Children just have a natural desire to play dress-up. Both boys and girls love to go through mom and dads clothes or create funky ensembles with their own clothing in addition to any household items they deem appropriate, try them on and pretend theyre kings and queens, teachers, movie stars, wizard

How to Be Popular - Guide to Raise Popularity Points

High school is the starting point of social cliques, and in every school, there would always be the popular clique, or the cool crowd as most would say. And while there are the popular ones, there would be some "losers", as they would term it.

Parenting Advice: How Can I Help My Child Who's a Victim of Mean Girl Bullying?

Parents would always want their child to live a normal life, free from worries and full of confidence. But this is not something that's easy to attain. With cases like bullying being rampant in both private and public schools, kids would really have to be ready to face the bullies in order to l

Youth Group Game - A Fun Game For Church, Scout, & Youth Ministry Groups

Are you a leader or pastor of a Church Group or Youth Group? Are you in charge of the Youth Ministry for your congregation? Perhaps you are a Scout Leader or Summer Camp Instructor? No matter what group or organization you are part of, are you looking for a fun, interactive game that the youth can p

Summer Jobs For a High School Student

Summer jobs for a high school student can get pretty intense sometimes especially if you live in a small town where the population is low. Can you imagine spending your whole summer broke when you're old enough to work and make good money to buy those nice clothes you always wanted?

How to Inculcate Reading Habits in Young Children?

The article gives an insight into how parents must inculcate reading habits in their kids to lure them away from gaming console, Internet and television. Are you aware of the fact that the you can introduce reading to children as young as 6 months old?

Choose The Right Dress And Look Stunning On Prom Night

Most young ladies experience the joy of their first formal occasion on prom night. They all aspire to look enchanting for their handsome partners. The search for the best possible ensemble will probably start in magazines or online. The most dazzling outfit is crucial to make it a night to remember.

The Pedal Car Stands As One of the Top Children's Toys

Growing up all children seem to have an undying fascination with driving an automobile of some sort. This known desire contributed vastly to the invention of the pedal car. These are manually powered by a rider's feet and legs and was the first car that was actually environmentally friendly.

Action Figures For Boys and Girls

Among all the different kids toys out there, action figures are a timeless favourite. Action figures are mainly popular among young boys, but there are occasionally action figures girls may show some interest in as well.

Preschool Curriculum - Educational Programs For Kids

A preschool curriculum represents a great chance for all kids. Children's instruction is extremely important today and for this reason it should not be restricted to text books or other conventional learning methods. A preschool curriculum deserves to go far beyond the conventional system. An i

10 First Birthday Party Ideas

The first birthday of your child is one of the most anticipated events in the family. Preparing the first birthday party may be stressful but keep in mind that your one-year-old child is the core of the celebration and they don't care about the small stuff at all!