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How do I Install a 5th Generation Replacement iPod Screen?

A damaged screen on your fifth generation iPod can be reason enough to toss out the MP3 player and buy a whole new model. But if you don't want to spend the money on a new iPod you can actually remove and replace the screen on your own. This may sound intimidating if you aren't tech savvy, but these

How to Activate the iPhone Edge on a 3G Network

Apple's iPhone operates on the Edge network as well as the 3G network. When connected to the 3G network, activities such as downloading emails, loading Web pages and streaming videos run faster. The Edge is an older and slower network that Apple designed for its first-generation iPhones. Certain act

How to Edit Genres on an iPod

Editing, sorting and organizing the music library for your iPod personal audio device is done through the iTunes software on your Windows-based or Apple computer. Edit your music file's information such as song names, album names and genres in iTunes. This makes it easier to find songs and make play

How to Sync an iPhone to Two iTunes Accounts

Apple's iPhone is designed to work with only one computer and one iTunes at a time. When it is connected to a second computer with iTunes, it will have a message pop up that tells the user that it will erase the information from the first computer. This is often inconvenient because there are times

How to Use a Sub With an iPod

Frankly, listening to party jams on your iPod using your iPod headphones is no party. Instead, share the tunes with a bass-thumping subwoofer that amplifies the sound for everyone's enjoyment. You may use an iPod-specific subwoofer, designed with an iPod dock for easy connectivity, or a standard sub

iPod Playlist Options

Customizing your iPod to your own particular settings will make navigating through your library of music easier and much faster. The certain playlists, or lists or groups of songs, that you create will also determine your navigability options. There are numerous ways you can customize your iPod and

How do I Clear an iPhone?

Since coming to market in 2007, the iPhone has seen three hardware and software revisions. If you are an iPhone owner who has purchased one of the updated iPhone models, you may wish to get rid of your old iPhone, but, before doing so, you will need to clear all of the data stored on the device. Luc

How to Hide Videos on an iPod Touch

The iPod Touch has the capability to display video as well as play music, but anyone who picks it up can access the video menu and select any video on it. You can hide any video so that it cannot be discovered by others by installing a free Video protect program from the App store onto the iPod Touc

Is Apple Planning An October Event For New iPads And OS X Yosemite?

Apple may be planning a mid to late October media event to introduce new iPads, OS X Yosemite, and on a very speculative note, one new Mac. There is no doubt that Apple will need to have at least one Mac on stage, but whether it will be a new model or the traditional 27-inch iMac that Apple routinel

How to Use an iPod as a Book Reader

Apple's iPod Touch is a music and video player with built-in cameras for making video calls and shooting pictures and movies. You can connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi to browse the Web, check mail, and download music, videos and books. It has a touch-screen "Retina" display with 960-by-640 pixel r

How to Install Cydia on 1.15

Jailbreaking is a process that alters the main operating system of the iPod Touch and iPhone to make them work with unauthorized third-party applications. Cydia is the standard hacker-community application store for the jailbroken iPod Touch and iPhone where you can find a number of applications for

Can You Transfer Music From an iPhone to an iPad?

ITunes offers several strategies for transferring songs from an iPhone to an iPad, depending on whether their music libraries are combined or separate. Before proceeding, you should sync the iPhone to ensure that its music appears within its iTunes library, including recent purchases made directly o

Difference Between iPod Nano & Touch

The iPod began as a simple MP3 player, but there are several variations of the device on the market today. The iPod Nano and iPod Touch both carry the original iPod's capability to store and play a large number of MP3s from your music library, but each of the devices have different strengths and fea

How to Install Java on an iPad

One limitation of the iPad device is that it cannot access Java content on websites. Java is a computer language developed by Sun Microsystems that some websites use to offer interactive website components. While you cannot directly install Java on your iPad, you can download and install an alternat

How to Restore an iPhone's Apple Screen

Restore an iPhone's "Apple" screen whenever your iPhone freezes to restart the device and begin using it again. As is the case with laptop and desktop computers, iPhones sometimes freeze and aren't able to resume normal operation without being restarted. Once the Apple symbol appears on the screen,

iTouch Geography Games

Test your knowledge of world geography and have fun doing it by downloadiing geography game applications for your iTouch or iPhone. These games quiz you on world geography or US geography, depending on the game selected. Download them from either the iTunes App Store or on select...

iPod Factory Reset Without iTunes

You can perform a factory reset on your iPod Classic without iTunes, but only the settings are reset. No music or videos are erased from the device. You will have to still connect the iPod to the computer to delete all media files. But if you are an iPod Touch owner, then you can do a full factory r

Jawbone Earpiece Instructions

The Jawbone is a hands-free headset device small enough to fit around your ear. This headset is compatible with any cellular device that has Bluetooth capability. Even if you don't know much about electronics, you'll find that you can connect your Jawbone wirelessly to your device in about a minute.

How to Reset the Parental Passcode on My iTouch

The iPod Touch allows parents to restrict access to certain websites, browsers and applications. To bypass these parental restrictions, the user of the iPod Touch must enter a password. The user can change this password at any time, provided he has the existing password. However, if the user forgets

How to Get 3G Internet on a Jailbroken iPhone

Built-in access to 3G speed Internet is a customary feature on all iPhones, from the iPhone 3G version or later. This feature can be turned on or off through the phone settings screen, in the same manner as other features like the built-in tethering feature. During the jailbreaking process, it is co