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How to Make Super Strong Permanent Magnets

Magnets generate magnetic fields and can attract certain metals to them from a distance. Magnets can push or pull on each other without touching. They are used in electronic equipment and in industry. Magnetic fields are generated by the tiny electric currents that run inside of all atoms. Each atom

Ulduar Boss Strategies

Yogg-Saron, the main boss in Ulduar, actually consists of two bosses: Sara and Yogg-Saron. There are three stages in the battle, which change how Yogg-Saron and Sara attack players. To defeat Yogg-Saron, the tanks--paladins and warriors--should kill any monsters he summons, while casters should aid

How to Make Youth Anniversary Invitation Flyers

A youth group or organization's anniversary should be celebrated with a party. Get the word out to current and past youth members of any group---a church, a sports team or a youth club---with a invitation flyer that can be posted, rolled into member's mail boxes or slipped beneath their doors. The i

How to Kill The Turtle in SOTC

"Shadow Of The Colossus" (SOTC) is a 2005 action adventure game released exclusively on the Sony PlayStation 2 console. Players control a lone wanderer who explores a fantasy setting on horseback. The only goal in the game is to kill sixteen huge monsters that roam around the fantasy world. There ar

Grants for Music Groups

Music groups can apply for grants in the United States or abroad.sheet music image by Dianne Burridge from Fotolia.comMany grants are available for music groups that are interested in getting funding for training, performances or other activities. There are grants from U.S. organizations...

DIY Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery hoops, usually made of wood, metal or plastic, are handy for keeping fabric taut while applying fancy stitchery, whether it's by hand or machine. Commercial embroidery hoops are relatively inexpensive. However, if you don't have one, need it for a project and can't or don't want to make a

How to Make Clay African Masks

Clay African masks are a popular wall or desk decoration, instantly bringing a feel of Africa (via the modernist art tradition known as primitivism) to any space. It is an involved process, but, with the right tools and a little time, you can create your own.

How to Fold a Money Origami Rosette

An origami rosette is a decorative way to fold money for gift-giving. You can present the rosette alone, perhaps as an insert in a holiday card, or you can string several rosettes together in a lei. You can also clip a money rosette onto a money tree centerpiece, such as those found at wedding recep

How to Thread in Python

In computer science, a thread is a context for program execution. A multithreaded application has multiple threads that execute on their own, unless the programmer forces explicit synchronization between given threads. A thread is lightweight and efficient in its use of computer resources; unlike a

How to Make CG Animations

When you think of CG (computer generated) animation, you probably imagine huge Hollywood blockbusters or sophisticated video games. But you don't have to be a major studio with a staff of hundreds to make computer animation. If you would like to make a simple animation of an object moving around, yo

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Save empty cardboard toilet paper rolls for a craft project.toilet paper image by robert lerich from Fotolia.comAn empty toilet paper roll is an ideal craft supply, due to its shape and availability. For an elementary school art teacher, collecting enough empty rolls for a classroom...

How to Make a Simple Origami Elephant

A simple origami elephant is easy enough for children, and fun for adults. Using a standard square sheet of origami paper, this beginner-level elephant is a great way to get started in origami or for a group of mixed levels to undertake as a project. Patterned paper can make for a fun design, while

How to Make a Popcorn Collage

Autumn brings with it the opportunity for making creative crafts that you can work on with your kids. A great idea for younger children to tweens, is making a popcorn collage. Read on to learn how to make this fall themed project.

How to Make Plastic Cup Ornaments

Ordinary household items, like plastic cups, can be used to make decorative and interesting crafts. Plastic cups can be used to make ornaments for a tree or any other place where you would want to hang them. Children can get involved too, as the cups are simple enough to work with. Try making Santa

How to Tie Peruvian Bracelets

Peruvian bracelets are made of knotted string or yarn, but they can also incorporate beads of hand-painted ceramic, wood, jade, bronze, silver, glass or bamboo. Their beauty and tradition makes Peruvian bracelets beautiful gifts. In fact, they're commonly handmade and traded as friendship bracelets

How to Frame an Egyptian Papyrus Painting

Egyptian Papyrus is a piece of thick paper. Ancient Egyptians used a plant called papyrus that grew rampant on the banks of the Nile River. They harvested it and then processed it into paper. This was ancient Egypt's major export. Egyptians would keep their historical records---along with every othe

How to Make Fabric Covered Baby Wipes

With babies come diapers, and with diapers come wipes. Typically, the packaging for the baby wipes is unattractive, but you can change that with some simple craft techniques. Use a little fabric to hide the plastic case to match this particular baby necessity to your diaper bag, as well as making

How to Tie a Big Bow With a Ribbon

A large bow tied with ribbon is an easy way to make an elaborate presentation. It will make a gift even more special and can be the perfect finishing touch for the wreath on your door or your other craft projects. It can also add fullness and color to your floral arrangements. Choose your ribbon car