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Career Change - Tips To Writing The Winning Resume Cover Letter!

A career change cover letter must concentrate on your skill base and expertise. The cover letter will show all the necessary information to give the prospective employer a specific idea of your ability and how your previous work experience will fit the needs and requirements of the position. Some id

What To Expect Working As A Medical Coder

In the healthcare industry, you come across millions of different diseases, all of which have different symptoms and treatments. Without a proper system, it can be very hard to keep track of all these aspects and manage them effectively.

Legal Requirements to Start a Daycare in Kansas

If you enjoy caring for children, you can obtain a daycare license or registration to care for them full time.children image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comKansas law requires that a daycare program operating away from the child’s own home must be licensed or registered with the...

Vestibule Requirements

Vestibules help businesses save on energy costs.Hundred dollar bills image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comThe International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), International Code Council (ICC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) require that certain types of commercial buildings...

Employer Monitoring & Employee Email

It's safest to assume that email is not private if you're using a work account, network or equipment. Employers can and do monitor email sent or received on computers and other devices they supply. Court rulings generally find employees have no reasonable expectation of privacy for that email, wheth

Move From a Low Paying Job to a High Paying Career

Often, when you are working a low-paying job-like at a fast food restaurant-all you can do is dream of the better job, that can pay all the big bills. If this sounds like you, maybe now, maybe a long time ago, this article will help with what is needed to find the high-paying job, and to get paid mo

How Do I Become an OSHA Instructor?

In the workplace, there are sometimes jobs that are very risky and can put your life or another employee's life at risk. Because of this, there are people known as OSHA Instructors who teach workers how to be safe on the job. Becoming an OSHA instructor is not difficult, but it does require some sch

Mental Health Nursing Jobs - Meeting the Challenges of Recovery

Mental health nursing jobs provide one of the most complex and demanding areas of nursing. With as many as one in three people suffering from some form of mental illness in their lifetimes, the need and demand for nurses who specialise in mental health is on the increase. With most people suffering

Employee Software Training

Computers and computer software have become a big part of everyday work life. Both are used to develop websites, store data and protect company information. So training employees to use software is proving to be vital.

Hardship Duty Pay

Hardship Duty Pay - Location, or HDP-L is additional compensation paid to service members during assignment in land areas outside the continental United States where living conditions are substantially below the standard compared to the continental United States. This chart shows the monthly Hardshi

Employment Agency Helps Companies To Hire Best Talent

In this competitive market, employers are increasingly recruiting agencies home medical and health insurance with the right experience. Moreover, future health care workers are also using the services of medical employment agencies, as their carefully ...

Your Cover Letter MUST Ask This Question

Imagine receiving a letter from a salesman who wants to sell you an exciting new widget.The letter focuses on all the reasons why this is such a great item.But nowhere does the man ASK for...

How Do I Get Into IT Management?

Looking for a career change? Interested in getting into IT Management? Learn more about how to be a senior IT leader including employer expectations, salary bands and qualifications.

Jobs for Allied Health Majors

Allied health professionals work in the health care field and are responsible for performing diagnostic tests, examining bodily fluids, conducting treatments and completing administrative duties. In addition to graduating with a allied health degree, individuals also need to become certified within

Funeral Readings For Funeral Tributes

The loss of life of a cherished one is without a doubt a highly painful and emotionally tolling experience, regardless of whether they had been family or friend.

Training To Become A Doula

Becoming a midwife is no easy task if you are not trained to perform the critical job of guiding a woman and her partner through the process of childbirth. Originating from the Greek word, ‘doula’, and the term now is used for trained professionals who provide hands-on help during labor.

Employee Health Is by Choice, Not Chance

Successful companies know that by proactively managing employee health, they can see healthcare savings and many other benefits. If they don't do these things, they won't save and won't see any benefits. Wellness is a choice. It doesn't happen by chance.