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Streamline your processes with recruitment outsourcing

Outsourcing recruitment can take a massive burden off of a start up company. Without the overheads of an in-house HR team a small company can grow quickly and efficiently. Biotech start-up, Regeneron,

How to Prepare For Your Executive Employment Search

The job market is tough in today's economy but it is still possible to find executive employment opportunities. Executive employees are very important to a company because they are often responsible for many of the business aspects in addition to being one of the leads in management of personne

Utilize Online Mediums to Kick Off Your Career!

Finding job is not less than an uphill battle for youngsters of this generation. The impact of recession from the past few years has not left any industry untouched. Whether it be Economists, Industrialists or ...

The Average Salary of a Cell Phone Salesman

Once a new technology, cell phones are now in the hands of hundreds of millions around the world. Those selling the units are paid by the hour, annual salaries and commissions. Aside from phones sold online, most units are sold in retail stores by inside salespeople. Outside salespeople also sell ce

Spice Up Your 2009 Resume Now - Add This Little Gem

A glass of cheer, a toast, a display of fireworks, is the way people will be ringing in the New Year from Times Square in the New York City to Tiananmen Square in Beijing City. Next day, they all dive into 2009 welcoming the New Year with new dreams, goals, resolutions, and commitments for the sever

How to Become a Certified Pre-K Teacher

Pre-K teachers work with children, usually ages 2 to 5, on kindergarten readiness skills. Certified pre-K teachers can work for both public and private institutions and they usually have the option to work full or part time. Many of the requirements to become a certified pre-K teacher and common to

Do You Think A Career Can Be Built From Retail Experience?

The best way to obtain the most experience in a wide variety of different types of retailers is to work with a placement agency that specializes in the retail industry. A placement agency will have you work with different retailers providing support that will teach you how to represent many differen

Tips For Writing Your Resume

Job searching can be a stressful and difficult thing, especially in an economy like today where there just aren't as many jobs available. Everybody knows that the resume is the ticket that they need to get their foot in the door of their potential job.

Negative Attributes in Performance Reviews

Ideally, an employee's performance review should provide both complimentary remarks about the employee's performance, as well as constructive feedback the employee that's useful for improving his overall work performance. However, some supervisors are at a loss for including positive remarks on cert

Michigan State Laws for Mandatory Overtime

Michigan is an at-will employment state, and employers can terminate their adult employees who refuse to work mandatory overtime hours. As long as employers compensate their employees for overtime work with overtime compensation or "comp time," there are no hour restrictions. However, there are limi

Human Resource Planning Get the Best From the Employees

Management is very necessary for any organization. Without management the company will cease to exist. The most common definition of management is to manage men effectively. Management is necessary to ensure that the organization functions ...

The Annual Salary of a Child Therapist

Child therapists work with children and their families on a variety of issues, from challenges at school to mental disorders and emotional problems. The annual salary of a child therapist will depend on his level of training and education, his job title and the type of facility in which he works.

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed As a Mining Engineer?

Are you aware of the fact that the mining industry is such big opportunity for you to earn money? Miners cannot deny the fact that they are in an industry that does not only pay well but also provide them with the opportunity to travel abroad and to work with big companies. Many miners get to travel