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The 11 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

Taking deductions can help offset the amount of taxes you owe and may even help you get money back. The good news is, there are tax deductions often overlooked by people who could use them. Knowing what you can use as deductions will help ensure you get the most for your money at tax time.

Can I Deduct Toll Road Travel Expenses?

Employees cannot deduct toll fares paid out-of-pocket as part of a regular commute, but they qualify for a federal tax deduction if they travel for business. Taxpayers who work outside their metropolitan area on a temporary basis, defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a job assignment exp

2012 Year End Tax Planning for "Fiscal Cliff"

Income taxes are going up in 2013 and you can count on that! You can do some things now in December to cushion the impact a bit and plan for the future. Whether it is a "Fiscal Cliff" or a slope or a speed bump, if you make over $250,000 you will pay more one way or another.

Purchase A Home And Save Tax

The recent union budget has offered more relaxation on tax payments to taxpayers who have taken home loan. This article makes an in depth analysis on how the deductions work.

IRA Contributions Effects on Income Tax Owed

IRAs are retirement accounts that you set up on your own rather than through your employer like a 401k plan. These accounts are given a variety of tax benefits, depending on the type you make your contribution to. As of 2009, you are allowed to contribute $5,000 to all IRAs combined. If...

Delinquent Property Tax Laws in Mississippi

Property tax is sometimes referred as an "ad valorem" tax. In Mississippi, property includes land, homes and automobiles. Mississippi charges annual taxes on both real estate and motor vehicles annually. These taxes help support the local government and school districts. Allowing real estate taxes t

How Many Years of College Does It Take to Become a Pediatrician?

There are some things you have to be born with to be a pediatrician: compassion, desire to work with children and a gentle touch. Having a good heart doesn't mean you can just jump into an office and start diagnosing ill children. You have to go through years of college, medical school and internshi

Tips for Taxpayers Who Owe Money to the IRS

Although the majority of Americans receive a tax refund from the IRS every year, there are still many taxpayers who owe money and are unable to pay the amount all at once. For those individuals who struggle to pay their taxes, the IRS has announced a number of methods by which they can pay their bil

Worked in the US? Tax Refunds Explained

Everyone working in the US has a number of taxes deducted from their earnings every time they get paid. While working in America you will have paid up to four different types of tax on your earnings.

What You Should Know About Online Tax Services

Online tax services, such as online tax preparation and electronic filing, aim to make the process of doing your taxes simpler. Online tax services work to speed up the tax process, while at the same time lowering tax expenses. In the majority of states, federal taxes and state taxes can be e-filed

IRA Regulations on Tax Deductions

An IRA is an investment structure recognized by the IRS giving IRA owners special considerations when it comes to taxes. While Roth IRAs do not receive a tax deduction when contributions are made, there are specific regulations regarding traditional IRAs and taking tax deductions on...

10 Changes For 2011 That Benefit Most Taxpayers

From Roth conversions to changes in reporting capital gains and losses, there were a number of tax changes in 2011. Whether you already know about them or simply need a reminder, here's a look at 10 changes in 2011 that might benefit you, the taxpayer, this tax season.

How Much Taxes Will I Pay When Selling My Small Business?

There's no formula for figuring out how much tax you'll pay when you sell your business. The Internal Revenue Service doesn't treat a business sale as a single entity; instead, it's a combination of the sale of all your individual business assets. The taxes you pay will depend on what property your

Oregon W-2 Instructions

No matter which state you reside in, if you are a business owner with employees, you must file W2 forms for each employee. Form W2 is the wage and tax statement that reports the amount of wages, tips and other compensation paid to employees throughout the tax year. Social security and Medicare wages

Leasing Vs Buying a Vehicle - the Main Considerations

A key decision facing a business when deciding to acquire or replace a vehicle is whether to purchase it outright (possibly using some form of finance) or whether to enter into a leasing agreement. There are several different types of leasing agreements available.

Las Vegas Cpa Firm - Audit Accountants

The process of choosing a Las Vega CPA firm. Business audit and finding your passion. Building a relationship with your accountants.

How to Itemize on Form 1040X

Taxpayers who have enough expenses during the tax year to exceed the amount of the standard deduction can reduce their tax liability by itemizing deductions. Itemized deductions are filed by using Schedule A and including the amount on your federal income tax return when you file. If you've already

How Does a Rapid Refund Work?

The Rapid Refund TaxpayerRapid refund is the process the IRS uses to quickly pay tax refunds to tax filers using the easy form. There is no longer any charge for this service, and payment is usually made within two weeks. The rules around rapid refund have been jumbled, changing each year...

Tax Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers in 2005

Primary residence buyers and sellers understand the fundamental tax benefits of owning a home. Many though aren't aware beyond the typical deductions of mortgage interest and real estate taxes what and when other home buying or selling expenses can be deducted. Mark Nash author of "1001 Ti