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With Hard Drives Size Does Matter

The hard drive disk of a computer is the primary storage device of the computer. It is a non-removable device that retains all the information when the computer is turned off. A fast hard drive supplies the computer with data as fast as it needs.

How to Reset a Compaq Computer

Resetting your your HP Compaq computer to its original state can be necessary where you have contracted a virus or other unremovable malware, leaving you with few options aside from performing a full wipe of your system to remove the threat. This can be accomplished with the recovery center in your

How to Choose a Secondary Storage Drive for Your Computer

Computer storage drive prices are dropping due to technological improvements, and new alternatives are always in the works. Secondary storage provides you with more room and the possibility of backing your files up.

How Networking Can be Defined

Networking concept is widely used in various fields and technologies. Network is an arrangement of intersection horizontal and vertical lines like a structure of a net.

How to Format a Laptop Hard Drive

There are several reasons that a laptop's hard drive may need to be formatted. Heavy use and abuse of Windows, installing and removing large numbers of programs and virus infestation can all cripple Windows to the point that a re-installation of the operating system is needed. It's possible, too, t

Adobe Compatibility With Mac Leopard

Most software made by Adobe Corporation is compatible with the Macintosh OS X 10.5 operating system (Leopard), but some programs may need updating and others, especially older versions, may not run on Leopard.

How to Maintain the Condition of your Laptop

Have you just purchased a new laptop? It may be a first-hand one, straight out of the store; or you may have bagged yourself a second-hand bargain. Either way, whichever laptop you have purchased your ...

How to Recover Data From Hard Drive Based Mp3 Players

Whether your player’s hard drive hiccuped or you accidentally deleted a song, you may find yourself wishing you could retrieve a file from your hard drive-based Mp3 player. The good news is that you can, and it is probably easier to do than you think. Just follow these simple steps.

How to Change My Wireless Key

If your router or wireless hub came pre-installed with a wireless key, you may feel safer if you changed it. Although these keys are usually randomized, you can always change it to something that's easy for you to remember. The process is generally the same for every router. If you have any question

Discontinued Toshiba Accessories - Get Continued Support

A manufacturer will typically attach a very short product life cycle to their computer hardware and accessories. In fact, with new technology hitting the shelves at a head spinning pace, most computer products have a life span of just six months to one year. The constant and rapid demand and introdu

How to Clean a Logitech Trackball

The Logitech trackball is a computer input device, similar to a mouse. The device is not immune to dust, dirt and grime. The ball, sensors and body of the trackball attract dirt from your hands each time you use the device. Signs of the Logitech trackball being dirty include the ball not moving free

How to Install New USB Ports on a Dell Motherboard

The USB interface is becoming more and more popular as a hardware connector. Everything from keyboards and mice, to MP3 players and digital camcorders connect to a computer via a USB cable. With the expanding number of USB devices, the demand for an increased number of USB ports requires expansion o

How to Remove a Computer Hard Drive Before Shipping

The personal data stored on your computer's hard drive is never completely secure from detection by unauthorized users. Even if you delete the data and empty the recycle bin, your information can still be retrieved by the right kind of software. If you plan on shipping your computer to someone else,

Buying Guide for CD Duplicators

If you are in a band and require a medium with which to reach your fans, a CD duplicator can make the process easier. If your company distributes media to potential customers on a wide scale, having access to this technology make the process much easier and faster.

How to Install a Xerox Phaser 8560 for a Mac

The multifunctional Xerox Phaser printer is a fast 30-page-per-minute full color and black and white printer. The Phaser 8560 multifunction printer can print, copy, scan and fax various size documents. This cartridge-free printer is a desktop model that can expand into a full free-standing multifu

New Paperless Office Scene

In the older days it was really so hectic to go with a lot of paper work. Managing loads of paper was very tough to manage. Contradictory to older office scenario, which sits on the top of paper-based filing system, and requires maintenance and equipment to handle the system.

How to Switch Icons on a Mac

If you like to customize the look and feel of your Macintosh computer, one of the things you can change is the icons. Customizing your Mac computer is fun as it makes your Mac look different from other computers, and you can make it so it reflects your personality. Customizing your Mac icons can als

Rights, Responsibilities and Duties of Students…

Children are the future generation, they must be treated in a proper manner and discipline so as to enable them to carry out their duties responsibly and boldly face the challenges of the world. As ...

Laptop Computer Repair - Clean Computer Fan

This article and video links will take you through the steps of how to repair a computer in order to keep it running cool. On some laptop models, it is very easy to remove and clean the CPU fan, but on others you will need a skilled technician to do the job.

How to Disable "Remember Passwords" in Firefox

Firefox, like many Web browsers, gives you the option to save passwords for any websites requiring login information. This can save time and is helpful if you visit many sites that require passwords but don't like to, or can't, remember all of them. But it can also allow other people to access your