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Definitions of an Antivirus

An antivirus program is a software package which helps secure your PC against the threat of viruses. With the proliferation of the Internet, online threats have become pervasive. Malware explosion, Trojans, worms, exotic and dangerous viruses can penetrate vulnerable PC systems and damage contents.

How to Scan a Document in Vista

If you're new to Windows Vista or haven't used a scanner before, you might not know where to start. Some scanners come with complimentary software to get you setup, while others include little more than cables and a scanner. Fortunately, your PC has a scanning program that comes pre-installed with V

How to Hook Up a Computer to Receivers for Music

Computers are ideal for storing and editing music, but many don't have sound cards or speakers that provide the user with the full range of sound the composer or artist intended. Some plug their computers into an external receiver, which then amplifies the music through its own speakers. It would be

How to Fix a Microsoft Web Search Sound Board

Many of the Microsoft search engines (such as Bing or MSN) have a sound board option, which plays back audio clips from a searched topic, such as a Darth Vader quote or Jaws theme music. Regardless of what you are searching, if the sound is not playing on your computer, you need to adjust some of th

How to Burn a Movie Onto a Disc

The Windows operating system includes the necessary tools to burn a variety of files to a CD or DVD. Use the native burning software to burn a digital movie to a disc to backup the file or transfer the movie to another computer. Once the file is burned you can watch the movie on stand-alone player w

ACER Extensa 2510G Pk MEDION Akoya P7631 P7631T

For business notebook, users often pays close attention to heat them, if the cooling effect is not ideal or heat is a problem, the overall user experience will be very bad, we are going to ...

Why You May Need An SFP Device And Pointers On Where To Buy One

For people who design networks, using Gigabit transceivers saves money and helps send information much quicker than past modules, but individuals unfamiliar with these devices may not know the difference in configurations or reasons for ...

Laptop Vs. PC Power Consumption

Power consumption of a computer can be an issue both for people interested in reducing environmental impacts from electrical use and for people who are simply trying to reduce a monthly power bill. When looking for ways to cut electricity use, comparing laptop computer power consumption to desktop c

Different Ways to Use Your Computer Without the Key Board

Computers can be used even without the with mouse grey image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comAs computers become more advanced, they are finding their ways into more and more integrated parts of our lives. Whether the computer is too far away for the keyboard to...

Buying The Best Wireless Router For Your Needs

Selecting the best wireless router for your setup can be a challenging task for a great number of people.This article helps you identify the features that you will actually use and the ones that will just end up costing you more money. It will assist you in buying the best wireless router for your n

Batteries For Laptop Computers

Make sure that whatever battery is in your laptop computer, you find out the relevant information regarding its care and maintenance. These batteries are not cheap and a lot of people misuse their batteries leading to them having to be replaced. You may not know but laptop batteries are not cheap an

Troubleshooting a Dell Hard Disk Drive

Hard drives are a critical component for data storage, so troubleshooting problems is a main concern for those noticing issues with their Dell machine. Dell desktops and laptops come with factory-set configurations. If these configurations are changed, or the hard drive starts to fail, computer issu

LCD Monitors - Pioneers of the Technological Revolution

LCD monitors are getting huge popularity due to their advanced features and attractive shapes & sizes. There are many other advantages of using the LCD flat panels which are discussed in this article.

American Craftsman 2900 Window Specifications

The American Craftsman 2900 is available for new-build projects.New Home image by Ryan LeBaron from Fotolia.comAmerican Craftsman's 2900 model window is a single-hung unit designed to provide high structural and thermal performance. It also comes in an "Impact" model, intended to...

How to Configure a KVM Switch

If you have a great deal of computer equipment, it can quickly overwhelm and outgrow the desk space you have available. Most of us simply do not have the room we need for multiple monitors, keyboards and mice, and in those cases a KVM switch can be an excellent solution. Once that KVM switch is in p

Disposing of Electronics Responsibly

Computers are as much a part of our everyday lives as the food that is eaten, but when those machines are replaced, many are left to wonder what to do with them. Many places do ...