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How To Install Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 is an older version of Windows that was launched before Windows 95. Installing Windows 3.1 on your computer is a simple task that should not take more than 30 minutes. The installation requires you to have a floppy drive, as this version of Windows was offered before CD-ROM drives were i

How to Resolve an "HTTP 403" Error

If you are getting an "HTTP 403" error, that means you have limited access to a Web domain. This restriction is set by the Web domain's administrator, who can create passwords and user accounts for individuals or companies. To resolve this HTTP 403 error, you must get permission from the administrat

Daylight Savings Time Software Fix for Windows XP

Today, most computers automatically update the system time when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends. In 2007, some of the Daylight Savings Time rules were changed, which caused Windows XP computers to stop updating their system clocks when the time changed. Shortly after, Microsoft released an off

How to Configure a Windows XP Dual Boot

Dual booting the hard drive in your computer will allow you to run two operating systems. For example, if you want to use Linux but do not want to get rid of Windows XP, you can set up the computer so that you can run both operating systems. Configuring your computer to a dual boot system is a simpl

How to Remove an Automatic Update Message

The Windows taskbar contains a notification area that components and programs use to prompt you with messages. These messages are related to occurring events for the software or component. The Windows Automatic Update component notifies users when an update is available for download or installation.

How to Download FLV Format Videos With Windows XP

The .flv file format has become a prominent tool for downloading and playing flash and streaming videos extracted from the Internet. The ability to download these file types to your computer makes accessing your favorite videos more convenient. You can download .flv formatted videos with your Window

How to Get a Windows 98 Disk Driver to Work

Installing a driver file to your Windows 98 operating system is necessary to allow the hardware installed to your computer to function properly. Accomplishing this task is done via the Device Manager, which is a subsystem within Windows 98 that keeps your hardware (and its installed drivers) properl

How to Fix the Keyboard Sleep Mode in Windows XP

Sleep mode is a power saving mode found in the Windows XP operating system. Sleep mode was designed to limit system functionality and power down the monitor if your system has been inactive for a specified period of time. It is effectively a money saving tool for the consumer. If you are having prob

How to Install LimeWire for Windows XP

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer program that relies on the Gnutella network to connect users who want to share their files. Users are able to search for and download content including images, videos and music. LimeWire is compatible with the Windows XP operating system, which makes the download and insta

How to Resync a Domain Controller

In a Microsoft Windows 2008 environment, a domain controller is a computer that holds details of user groups and accounts. The larger the environment, the greater the number of domain controllers there should be on the network, to cater for user demand. One problem this raises is how to keep all dom

How to Dual Boot Vista & Ubuntu 9.10

The primary home computer operating systems in use are Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, as of May 2011. If you want to use another operating system without getting rid of your primary system, you can dual boot operating systems like Microsoft Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux. When you dual boot

Will iTunes Work on a PC Running Vista Home Edition?

Apple introduced the music utility iTunes in 2001 to accompany the then-new iPod media player. ITunes organizes a media collection and serves as the interface between a computer and an iPod. It can be a useful application even if you don't own an iPod, and it's a requirement if you do. It works on v

Silent IE7 Installation

"Internet Explorer 7" (or IE7) is an Internet-browsing program made by Microsoft primarily for use with its Windows operating system. If you wish to install this program without receiving notifications about the progress of the program's installation, you can do so easily by commanding the program t

How to Install a Korean Language Pack

Language packs for the Windows operating systems are compilations of files and code that will allow Microsoft Windows to correctly display the various characters used in foreign language programs. Language packs are available for most foreign languages and are especially useful for languages such as

How to Register Microsoft XP

Registering Windows XP enables Microsoft to notify you of essential program updates, security issues and available program patches. Although registration is optional, you are required to first validate and activate your software to ensure that it is not a pirated copy. Windows XP has a built-in func

How to Optimize Cable Speed

Waiting several minutes for Web pages to load is a boring waste of time and can considerably slow down your productivity. For this reason, many have made the switch from dial-up to cable. Unfortunately, even if you have high-speed cable Internet, the connection sometimes creeps along at a snail's pa

How to Hardcode a Mapi Port in Exchange

When administrating a Windows server that includes the Microsoft Exchange Server, you can choose to enable or disable the messaging application programming interface (MAPI). While MAPI is typically controlled throughout the general server options, you can also hardcode the configuration port in the

How to Remove Trojan.Agent-ZD

As its name suggests, Trojan.Agent-ZD is a Trojan virus that affects suspectible computers. The Trojan opens a security hole that allows remote hackers to access your personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. In addition, Trojan.Agent-ZD may slow your computer, change your Int

How to Pass a URL to Windows Explorer From a Batch File

Batch files date back to the days of Disk Operating System (DOS) computing before the invention of Windows. Using batch files, developers executed system commands that performed specific computer operations. Today, users and developers still use batch files to increase productivity and eliminate rep

How to Install Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1

Microsoft Windows Installer is a standardized installation and configuration program designed to run installation scripts and make modifications to a Windows system. It is freely distributed by Microsoft, and older versions of Windows Installer are maintained as downloads on Microsoft's website--so