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How to Restore Registries

A vital part of a Windows operating system is the Windows Registry. The registries provide instructions for most of the computer's functions. If a user makes bad changes to the Windows Registry, then the system could crash or leave some functions operating incorrectly or completely inoperable. If th

How to Enable NTFS File Security in Windows XP Pro

New technology file system (NTFS) provides security for files and directories on your computer. Before you can apply security on the machine, the file system must have NTFS security features enabled. This is accomplished using the Windows command prompt. The "convert" command enables the NTFS file s

How to Move WordPress to a Root DIR

In a website, a root directory is accessed through the root domain name, such as Subdirectories, on the other hand, are folders under the root directory such as If you're testing out WordPress before making it live on your site, try installing it in a subdi

Windows 98 Startup Options

Tweak startup options to make logging on go image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.comEach time your computer starts up, Windows 98 performs certain actions such as asking for your network login, and it runs program shortcuts that use your computer's memory. As these...

Information on the Fujitsu Stylistic LT 500

Fujitsu developed the Stylistic LT 500 as a Tablet PC. This thin and light product enhances mobility. As an added benefit, this product features a write-on screen.

Win XP Is Slow to Boot

Microsoft Windows XP is a popular operating system used by millions of people worldwide. Its intuitive features and diagnostic tools make it highly accessible for home and office users alike. However, sometimes Windows XP is slow to boot, particularly if multiple system resources are occupied. This

What Is Windows Vista Service Pack 1?

Windows Vista SP1---Service Pack 1---is a software update that the Microsoft Corporation released for the Windows Vista operating system. The update was designed to fix specific problems that Windows Vista users were bringing to Microsoft's attention.

How to Remove Sysguard From Msconfig

Sysguard is a virus that masquerades as an authentic antivirus solution. Known as Spyware Protect 2009, its filename is Sysguard.exe. It disables core functions of your system and intercepts your browser's requests to warn you that you are infected. Once your computer has been shut down to the point

How to Stop Programs From Opening During a Mac Startup

Mac OS X maintains a list of programs that automatically launch when you sign on to your user account. This list can include programs such as instant messengers, email clients and Web browsers. If your startup list contains many programs that you don't need to use, this can negatively affect your co

How to Remove XP Antivirus in Windows

XP Antivirus, also known as XP Antivirus Protection, is a computer virus that disguises itself as an antivirus program. XP Antivirus launches a fake scan of your computer and then tells you that your computer is infected and that you must purchase XP Antivirus to remove the infections. XP Antivirus

How to Upgrade Windows Vista 32-Bit to a 64-Bit System

The only difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows Vista operating system is the fact that the 64-bit system can recognize more than 4 gigabytes of system memory. While a singular point, this is a major issue for computers equipped with 4 or more GB of RAM, as the 64-bit editi

How to Uninstall a Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller is a freeware Uninstaller program used by users as an alternative to Windows' own uninstaller program. It may also be used when Windows' own uninstaller program fails to completely remove all traces of a previously uninstalled program. Perfect Uninstaller purports to be faster th

How to Locate a Product Key for Windows Vista

If you are installing or activating Windows Vista, you must enter a unique product key. The product key confirms that your copy of Windows Vista is genuine and not stolen or counterfeit. You must enter your product key and activate Windows Vista within 30 days of installation. Your computer will o

How to Make a Brochure Using Windows

If you need some promotional materials, want to advertise new services in your office or are trying to publicize your non-profit group or club, consider making a brochure. Brochures are simple, single sheets of paper folded in triple (which fit a standard #10 envelope if you want to do a bulk mailin

How to Fix Windows XP Boot Manager

The Windows XP boot manager is the program that detects and launches Windows XP when you start up your computer. If the Windows XP boot manager gets corrupted, you cannot launch Windows XP until you get the boot manager repaired. However, you can use the Windows XP installation CD to repair the boo

How to Restore Icons in Windows 2000

Desktop icons in Windows 2000 provide easy access to commonly used programs and system functions. Occasionally a user may move a group of desktop icons and accidentally move one or more icons off the visible area of the desktop. If this is the case, restore the icons to the visible portion of the de

How to Complete the XP System Restore

The Windows XP System Restore tool is one easy way to rid your system for viruses that have overtaken important system files, such as those located in the Windows folder of your system. The System Restore tool automatically takes "snapshots" of the critical files and program data stored on your comp

How to Fix Windows 2000 Errors

Windows 2000 is an operating system created by Microsoft. Like all operating systems, Windows 2000 may fail to perform a function and present you with an error message. Generally, the error message is accompanied by some vague technical language, making it difficult to fix or identify the problem. F