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How to Uninstall Milgard

Milgard is an Illustrator EPS program for Windows. When you install the program, it is automatically sent to the "Program Files" folder. Windows has a tool that allows you to quickly delete Milgard, as well as any program with the exception of operating system files, which allow Windows to function

How Much Virtual Memory Should a Computer Need?

Virtual memory because less necessary as physical RAM increases.ram image by danimages from Fotolia.com1.5 Times Amount of Physical RAMYou should set virtual memory to 1.5 times the amount of available physical RAM if you do not know how much virtual RAM you need, according to computer...

How to Configure Machine Key

A machine key is a Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration used to save form authentication and encryption information in a .NET website. The machine key is saved on the IIS server, and it works with form variables on any page where users input information. The machine key is configured on

How Can I See What Files Are on D Recovery in Vista?

By default, the files and folders within the Windows Vista "D:/" drive are hidden from access. In most cases, the user has no reason to access or modify these files; accidental changes or deletions could occur if the files were readily visible. However, in some instances you may need to know the nam

How to Remove Unused Icons in Windows XP

Icons are dynamic and you can turn them into visual shortcuts to help direct you back to a location on your computer or to a website. The process of creating a shortcut is amazingly simple--as easy as dragging and dropping the icon onto your desktop. Your desktop, however, can become cluttered over

How to Run Windows Update on XP Version 2002

With all of the applications and functions a Microsoft Windows XP operating system must undertake, aspects of the system--whether it be small files or full programs--will sooner or later need to be updated. This does not have to be a hard process and can automatically be done by using the Windows Up

My Gadget Feed Headlines Are Not Updating

Gadget feeds are based on a Really Simple Syndication platform, or RSS, which grabs updated content from subscribed websites and delivers it in real time to the subscriber. Gadget feeds can be programmed to update content such as breaking news, politics, entertainment news, and sports news. If the g

How to Activate OEM in XP

Windows XP comes with an original equipment manufacturer activation to help establish with programs you use on XP that the copy of XP you have is legitimate. In fact, the OEM needs to be activated in order to use XP. Fortunately, for a user with an Internet connection, Microsoft made it simple to ac

How to Get Rid of Hacktool Rootkit

Hacktool.Rootkit is a malicious parasite that includes a back door that opens ports on a compromised computer and allows an attacker access to the compromised computer. It includes a variety of programs and scripts that modify system components and hide attacks from users. Hacktool.Rootkit affects W

How to Create a Desktop Link to Task Manager

The Task Manager can show you details about what is running on your computer. You can view all the programs and processes that have started, and you can choose to shut down any of them. You can also take a look at how much memory is being used and which users are currently active on your computer. I

How to Install Reflexive Games on Vista 64

Reflexive is an online gaming site that provides a large assortment of Windows computer games. These games are available for purchase and download, and once you have obtained the game you are able to play it on your Windows Vista 64-bit system. The games are small, so the installation and download p

How to Remove Wowexec.exe

Microsoft Windows has many applications running in the background, and most users don't even know they are there. One of these is Wowexec.exe. This file extension is short for "Windows on Windows Execute." Wowexec.exe is a helper program that is used to run 16-bit applications in Windows XP. As

How to Install TVersity on a Computer

Sharing multimedia files between different devices can be difficult without expensive media file converters. Most multimedia devices support a different range of file types than the next one, and this is where Tversity comes in. Tversity creates a media server that will host and convert your media f

How to Use WebDav With Vista 64

By setting up a Web-based distributed authoring and versioning (WebDAV) connection on your computer, you can upload, modify or view files on a remote server. Both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, the operating system from Microsoft Corporation, fully support the WebDAV technology and al

How to Replace a Lost Product Key

A product key is a set of unique characters that is required during software installation. Without it, you may be unable to use the full version of a program you purchased, reinstall a program or commence installation. A product key ensures that the user is authorized or licensed to access or instal

List of Some Files That You Should Have on Your Boot Disk

An emergency or repair boot disk is an essential tool for any amateur or professional computer technician. Many popular boot disks already exist, such as Hiren's Boot CD and SystemRescue CD, and many more Linux Live CDs exist with similar utilities. Boot disks allow you to access and repair your sys

What Is En-Us in Microsoft Windows?

Many programs, such as Microsoft's Windows, are used by diverse populations around the world. Programmers find it useful to write the software code for such international programs so that text and other regional specifications can be easily integrated. En-Us is an example of such a code.

What Is Svchost EXE in Windows XP?

"Microsoft Windows XP" utilizes "Services" to execute and manage many of the most important functions of the operating system. "Svchost.exe" in the file used to load services into memory, and to manage them. The service model provides greater security, control, and stability.

How to Install an I/O Magic USB DVD

The DVD I/O Magic drive is an external DVD player that also possess the ability to burn contents to a DVD. This Windows-based device is suitable for both desktop and laptop use. Thankfully, the entire connection process only takes a few minutes, and the drive requires no additional hardware, as all