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How to Fix a Slow Vista Startup

Windows Vista is an operating system made by Microsoft that has higher performance requirements than its predecessor, Windows XP. These hardware requirements make some computers running Vista prone to lag during operation, and can make computer startup take longer. If your computer starts up too slo

Can I Connect My Windows XP Home Computer to a Windows Small Business Server?

The Microsoft Windows XP Home edition operating system is not intended for use in business environments and cannot be properly added to a Windows Small Business Server (SBS) network. Although you may be able to access some features of the SBS network you cannot fully connect an XP Home PC using the

How to Launch Excel at Startup on Windows XP

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that Microsoft incorporated into its Office Suite. When you use Windows XP, some programs start automatically when you turn on the computer. You can change which programs loan when your computer starts up. If you do not want to wait to start Excel, you can ad

Specs for Microsoft Tablets

Although the U.S.-based multinational technology company Microsoft does not manufacture tablet personal computers, it carries devices from computer manufacturers that adhere to the company's hardware specifications. Such devices are called Microsoft Tablet PCs or Microsoft Signature PCs. The tablets

Browsers Compatible with Windows CE

Windows CE compatible browsers allow you to surf the Internet even on your smartphone.modern smartphone image by Albo from Fotolia.comMicrosoft's Windows Embedded Compact (CE) is an operating systems developed for computer systems designed to do one or only a handful of tasks. These...

How to Restore My Windows 98 From My Windows 95 Boot Disk

Your Windows 95 boot disk will enable any computer to load directly into DOS. This can facilitate troubleshooting of the file structure on your Windows 98 computer's hard drive, letting you automatically repair errors that prevent the system from loading as expected. The scan and restoration process

How to Remove PokerStars From the Registry

Not knowing how to completely remove a program from your computer can be frustrating if the program keeps popping up on your screen. PokerStars software can be removed by using the "Uninstall a program" feature in your Windows environment, but the program may not be removed completely from the regis

How to Activate a Windows Key by Phone

If you're installing Windows software, one of the last steps involved is product activation. Windows places a unique product key on the disc, packaging or within the program to ensure authenticity and prevent piracy. Without the product key, your Windows product will operate with reduced functionali

How to Turn Off Initializing Folders in XP

One of the more mysterious messages you will see when using Windows XP is one that says it is "Initializing Folders." This message will appear and remain on the screen, and you cannot close the message window. This message appears when you attempt a "Save As" in Office programs and save to a mapped

How to Run Antivirus Software in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode used to trace and solve computer problems that cannot be fixed on the regular booting mode. Booting your computer in safe mode prevents many programs and malicious tools from automatically loading during startup. There are many viruses, spyware, malware and Trojans tha

The Specifications for a ThinkPad 390X

The ThinkPad 390X was a laptop from IBM released in 2002. It was designed to provide businesses--from small enterprises to large corporations--with high-level computing at a reasonable price.

How to Download Windows XP on an Older Computer

Downloading Windows XP to your computer to create setup boot disks is necessary for older computers, as many lack the ability to boot directly from the Windows XP CD. This is possible by using the downloaded installation creator from Microsoft, a process that generally takes less than 20 minutes. Yo

How to Install the Full Black Version of Windows XP

By default, Windows XP includes three different color schemes that can be chosen by the user: blue, silver and olive. Desktop color schemes are very personal, however, and it would be impossible for these color schemes to please all users. A little-known theme called Royale Noir is available to down

How to Remove Paperport 8.0 SE

Paperport is a software program that allows you to scan, organize, find and share files and documents such as PDF files and pictures. Paperport 8.0 SE includes improved communication tools and features that allow you to organize files and documents in a hierarchical system to locate them easily. Des

How to Reinstall Windows XP Home Without the CD

Reinstalling your copy of Windows XP Home without the CD might seem impossible, until you realize that all of the XP installation files that you require are right on your hard drive. These can be readily accessed from within the Windows XP environment, enabling you to reinstall your operating system

How to Print ANSI Characters on Computer

ANSI codes are specific codes used to display special (non-keyboard) characters on the screen. This can be necessary where displaying symbols for foreign (accented) letters or where you are displaying information about non-US currency. While there are keyboard shortcuts for all of the ANSI character

How to Get Rid of SmitFraud

Generally, SmitFraud is disguised as a legitimate security program designed to protect your computer. Once you download the alleged security program, SmitFraud installs itself onto your computer. SmitFraud changes your desktop background, floods your computer with unsolicited pop-up advertisements,

How to Change a PC's Wallpaper in Windows XP

The wallpaper on your Windows XP computer is one way to show your individuality when you’re one out of a million cubicles. You can change the background to one of the eye-catching displays your computer comes with, or you can set it with one of your own personal photos. You can even choose a

How to Repair the Display Properties Window

The display properties window is the portion of the operating system used to modify system resolution and other aspects related to the on-screen display of information. Repairing this menu is necessary after viruses, malware or human error has corrupted one or more of the files involved in its execu

Backup Tools for Windows

Backing up files is important in case of an image by blaine stiger from Fotolia.comBacking up a computer is important for keeping work and personal data safe in the event of an accident, theft or system failure. For the millions of computer users who have machines that...