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Microsoft Excel Definition for Sheets

Microsoft Excel creates workbook data files that contain three worksheets by default.A sheet is a short name for a single worksheet or spreadsheet in a Microsoft Excel workbook. The worksheet is a table or grid composed of rows and columns that make it convenient to enter, organize, calculate

How to Learn Microsoft NET

Learning Microsoft NET can benefit people working in the technical and computer programming fields. Microsoft NET is the common platform for developing and running Web applications and programs, which is equally valuable to those who work on the Internet and with social media.

How to Watch RAR Files

Did you download a movie that was a .rar file? Have trouble viewing it? Learn how to access the video file by downloading and installing a simple software.

How to Draw a Line in Flash

Adobe Flash is a program used across the world for creating Internet-based animations, interactive games and websites that push the boundaries of design. The program's overall versatility, compounded by its ability to create scalable vector graphics, offers the user a wide variety of tools and capab

What's the Top Internet Security Software Program?

Ask a group of people what the top internet security software program is, and you'll get a wide variety of answers. And this is not really surprising considering the hundreds of internet security programs that exist today. And the similarity in features and tools that makes differentiating them

Employee Referral Culture Building

The culture that prevails in an organization speaks a lot about its present as well as its future. Growth can be facilitated through the organization culture. This only goes to show that any changes that ...

Laptop Theft and Its Prevention

Laptops are the modern day lifesavers that let you do all your work on the move. So you do not have to be tied down to a work desk all day long. Instead you can roam about freely and do your work from wherever you want.

Tribute Photography Photoshop Tips

The art of still photography is more popular than ever these days, thanks in part to the arrival of the digital camera, which greatly simplifies the photo-taking process. One popular use of these cameras is to create what is known as "tribute photography." This is an approach where the photographer

How to Make a PowerPoint From Photos

Known the world over for helping presenters create high-quality slide shows, Microsoft PowerPoint is the standard in presentation software. With support for many advanced tools, users often overlook simpler, yet very useful, features in PowerPoint, such as the ability to create a photo album. With j

How to Convert Photo Negatives

Photo negatives still have better equivalent resolution than digital images taken with a digital camera, so all those old boxes or albums full for negatives still are valuable. All you need to do is to convert them to digital images of high resolution to get the best of both worlds. There basically

Banner Ad

A definition of banner ad.

How to Find an Edge in Gimp

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a freeware application that can be used for photo editing or creating graphics entirely from scratch. There are occasions when you might combine these two functions. For example, you may want to create a wild, artsy-looking image based on a photo you have tak

How To Resolve Serious Damage In Ms Access Database

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is a reliable Access Repair utility. It can restore and Repair Access database objects including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules. With highly graphical user interface, the utility supports Microsoft Access 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000. It support


Define UBR - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Convert .WAV Files from Mac to PC

Moving WAV video files from a Mac to a PC can seem more difficult than it actually is. Users having problems often do not need to convert anything at all, but rather, must fix a simple file error. However, some specialized files will indeed need conversion. All WAV files are not created equally,

Leveraging Big Data for the Healthcare Industry

Big data is set to take the healthcare industry to the next-level of profit making. However it is imperative that healthcare institutions take a more holistic, patient-centric approach that focuses on superior health-care results and treatment expenditures.