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Aspergers Syndrome Depression Traits

Autism is the kind of mental illness when sometimes communication with the other fellow beings becomes very difficult. The patient not only suffers through the dilemma of being a victim of one of the worst mental disease but also he or she is unable to understand his or her own situation. Aspergers

Relevance of Psychotherapy in the Philippines

Psychotherapy consists of elements such as a healing agent, a person who is seeking for relief, and a healing relationship that includes a structured series of contacts between healer and relief seeker. Provided with this information in hand, the most fundamental aspect of therapy is dependent on th

How To Increase The Odds For Addiction Recovery

Drug abuse continues to take a terrible toll on the country as well, from pot smoking college students who drop out of school to crystal meth addicts who hold up variety stores to get the money for their next fix.

Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Do the bleak winter months drop you into a depression? Maybe you have seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Find out more from the experts at WebMD.

Fighting Depression Can Be Depressing

A state in which you feel like in no mood to do any kind of activity and this in turn affects the thoughts, actions and behavior of an individual is depression. People who are depressed feel really sad, hopeless, worried, guilty, worthless and so on.

Mills Counseling Services For Relationship Troubles

Frustrated at work? Your boss is very demanding? He does not give you any personal time? Visit for couples counseling in Lafayette, Louisiana, Mills Counseling Services, licensed professional counselor in la and Therapist in Louisiana.

Bach Flowers - An Alternative For Depression

Bach flowers are used to come up with remedies that are said to be a good cure for many emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety caused by a variety of reasons. The flowers are utilized in form of remedies that are actually dilutions of flower and brandy solutions.

Can Babies Get Depressed?

Can babies become depressed? How do you recognize the signs of depression in an infant?

A Spiritual View of Depression: The Hunger for Light

The hunger of the soul for light, especially when the language of spirituality has not been acquired fully, can be both painful and confusing.A person can feel lost, misunderstood, out of place, with a sense of not belonging anywhere.In fact, without the spiritual underpinnings anchored in awareness

Traditional and Alternative Treatments For Depression

If you have tried antidepressants but quit taking them due to the unpleasant side effects, you might want to educate yourself about alternative therapies that can relieve depression.Recent studies have shown that some natural remedies can be just as effective as antidepressants in relieving mild to

Depression Stress - What You Need to Know

Let's face it; the Internet is awash with information regarding depression, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, there are literally millions of books available on the subject and one often sees programs and documentaries regarding depression stress on television. In fact, there is nowadays so mu

SAD Light Reviews Help You Buy Good SAD Light

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not a new thing and it affects a large percentage of the people across the world especially during winter season. During winter when people mostly remain indoors to beat the cold and get improper sunlight develop the syndrome of 'winter doldrums.'


A definition of the term "psychostimulant".

6 Tips For Positive Thinking Include An Exercise To Draw A Lamb

Draw a lamb?Are you nuts?Is that what you are saying to yourself?How on earth does drawing a lamb fit into the scenario of positive thinking? It's about the magic.Whatever you imagine as real, a simple drawing, can indeed become magical and help to bring you to a place called happy.