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Sausage: A History

Since sausage-making is essentially a technique used to preserve meat it's likely impossible to pinpoint the exact time period or originating point of artisanal sausage.

How Many Calories Are in Popcorn?

Popcorn is a popular snack. It is most often present at movie theaters and as a snack at parties. Popcorn can be a low-calorie snack if you eat the right type. The popular buttered popcorn eaten by movie goers contains more calories than any other type of flavored popcorn.

History Of The Challa Bread

The word 'Challah' also popularly known as 'Khale' is a Hebrew term for a unique bread which is braided and consumed mostly by Sephardic Jews and the Ashkenazi on the Sabbath and major holidays. The t

The Pros and Cons of Using K-Cup Coffee

There is a divide in the coffee world between two main forms of coffee brewing. Some people consider the flavor being different between the two; others claim that one is not true to coffee brewing, et

Green Tea Benefits for Healthy life

Did you ever realize that simply by drinking two cups of green tea can actually save you from so many health problems? It helps to Burning fat and increasing metabolism, lowering high cholesterol leve

The Secret to Cooking Duck

Duck breast nisn't difficult to prepare — once you know how to do it. The trouble is, very few people (even some chefs in expensive restaurants) know how to cook it properly. There are a number of way

Hot and Spicy Chicken Wing Recipes for Everyone

As a chicken lover myself, I think a lot like me find hot and spicy chicken wings irresistibly delicious. Maybe not for people who are allergic to poultry or spicy foods in which case they simply cann

The Benefits of Monavie Juice

An acai-based juice, MonaVie is juice blend of 19 fruits. Containing superior antioxidant levels and other beneficial nutrients, drinking MonaVie is reputed to offer many potential health benefits to the consumer.

A Look At Favorite American Food, Pizza

Right up there with baseball and apple pie, pizza has become an American icon, no longer just reserved for college students on a budget – but a family favorite across the country. Whether it'

How to Properly Store Fresh Oysters

There are always many scares associated with proper storage of oysters and other shellfish, primarily because they are sometimes eaten raw. If your oysters were properly harvested from approved waters, then all you need to worry about is keeping them at low temperatures and consuming them sooner rat

Vegan reduced-fat acorn squash soup recipe

As a food item, I believe that squash is underrated! We might eat pumpkin pie once a year and maybe butternut squash soup, but what about the rest of the squash family? Acorn squash makes such a great soup!

Bacon-wrapped Turkey Menu for Two

A traditional (or semi-traditional) turkey dinner for Thanksgiving isn't that hard with a little planning. And this turkey breast wrapped in bacon is a real treat. The rest of the menu complements it beautifully.

What Is the Goal for Menu Planning?

Whether planning menus for a family or an institution, the same goals apply. When menu planning, keep in mind serving methods such as buffet style, or family style in which people serve themselves from dishes on the table.

Bumblebee Truffles

Bumblebee Truffles are something to buzz about! This truffle recipe takes the shape of cute little chocolate bumblebees, complete with yellow stripes and almond wings.