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How to Reset the Gigaware

A Gigaware MP3 player can be reset in two ways. A soft reset resets the device without clearing any of the settings; a hard reset clears the settings and restores the device to its factory defaults. You can soft reset the Gigaware player using the reset pinhole. For a hard reset, you need to use the

How Do I Email Digital Pictures to Wolf Camera for Processing?

Wolf Camera is part of an electronics company chain that specializes in the sale of cameras, camcorders and related equipment. It is part of the Ritz Camera company, which has chains throughout the United States. In addition to selling camera equipment, they also process digital photos a

Emergency Telecommunication Procedures

Disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the September 11 terrorist attacks have resulted in a nationwide reassessment of emergency communication procedures of all kinds, including telecommunications procedures. The main goal of this reorganization has been to ensure that the most essential forms of

Can DVD recorders connect to an Antenna, Cable, or Satellite Box?

You want to get a DVD recorder, but need to know if you can connect it your TV antenna, cable, or satellite box. Depending on the type of DVD recorder you get will depend on how you can connect it. Check out the details in my article: Can DVD recorders connect to an Antenna, Cable, or Satellite Box?

How High Should the Left & Right Center Speakers Be for Surround Sound?

Experts recommend side speakers be placed at ear height when sitting for ideal performance.small speaker image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comAim for Ear HeightAudio experts generally agree that if you want to get the optimum performance out of a surround sound system, the left and right...

How to Remove the Caption Option From My Philips TV Set

Because of FCC regulations, all televisions 13 inches or larger manufactured since 1993 are required to come with closed captioning capabilities. The captions aid the hearing impaired by running text along the bottom of the screen of the spoken dialog and some sound effects. The captions are also he

How to Use a Laser MP3 1GB Music Player

The Laser Corporation produces a variety of affordable, easy to use MP3 players. Using Windows Explorer (your computer's file management system), you can transfer files onto the Laser MP3 player. You can also use Windows Media Player, which can convert files that aren't compatible with the device. A

Sony NWZ-A845 MP3 Player

Sony has once again produced a gadget which cranks out tunes better than any Apple PMP. Sony NWZ-A845 looks and feels great with the OLED screen with the excellent sound quality and also have noise-ca

How to Measure the Diameter of a Lens

You may want to measure the diameter of a lens for many different reasons. For example, you may need to replace the lens in your telescope, gun scope or even in your flashlight. To replace such a lens, you must know the exact diameter of the lens to ensure the replacement will fit correctly. The dia

How to Change Channels on the Motorola Talkabout

The Motorola Talkabout walkie-talkie allows you to select between 22 channels. The Talkabout also allows you to set an interference elimination code that reduces static and noise on the line. All the radios need to be on the same channel and interference eliminator code to communicate. Some Talkabou

How to Build a USB Video Recorder

Video recorders are used to record television programming onto blank video cassette tapes, as well as play cassette tapes with video data. If you wish to create a video recorder with the ability to connect to a USB port, you can do so using an existing video recorder and a special data cable.

LED TV Tutorial

A light-emitting diode, or LED for short, is an electronic device that emits light when a voltage is applied to it. The term LED TV refers to a LCD TV that is illuminated from behind, or backlit, with LEDs rather than traditional cold-cathode fluorescent lamps. LED backlighting is more energy-effici

The Magnificent Samsung Galaxy Tablet Fodral

This informative article describes more about the Samsung galaxy tablet case. It also describes the importance of branded cases and cover meant for the gadget in a unique way.

How to Remove a Battery From a Sansa E260 Crash

The Sansa E260 is an MP3 player developed by SanDisk. A nice feature of the Sansa that many other MP3 players do not have is the ability to easily change the battery should the first battery lose its charging power. The device is held together with screws, rather than strong adhesive, so you do not

Power4Home- Pros and Cons

Who doesn't want a cleaner and a greener earth? More and more people across the globe are becoming aware of the various risks that are posed by the overuse of the natural resources. It is not for noth

How to Add a Zune Player

The Zune portable multimedia player is capable of playing video and audio files, displaying image files and connecting to the Internet. Video, audio and image files can be downloaded to the player from a computer with the Zune software. The Zune software is a media management program for the Zune pl