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How to Make a Layered Flip Book

Layered flip books are simple booklets created with a few sheets of paper. They're so named because they have several layers, and are accompanied by tabs, which the reader can flip through. Typically, the booklet is broken down into sections. Each section is labeled on its appropriate tab, which is

Promote Book Yourself

With today's modern technology it's easier than ever before to market practically anything, from widgets to your self-published book. The internet has actually made it feasible to connect with like minded people across the world ...

Dr. Abraham Erskine

A picture gallery from the upcoming film Captain America: The First Avenger.

Beating Writer's Block

You can earn good money as a freelance copywriter, if you've got the right skills. Indeed, any writing can be a truly fantastic and rewarding way to earn a living. But before you become a ...

How to Create a Kids' Book Online

Writing a children's book can be fun and adventurous. However, creating a kids' book for online purposes is different than a printed version. An online version requires different elements and a higher level of interaction. Pictures and images are often the most important elements of a children's boo

PS3 Cover

A photo gallery of the upcoming video game by Capcom and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Amazon Kindle Tips

Comstock/Comstock/Getty ImagesThe Amazon Kindle ereader allows users to store hundreds of electronic books, magazines, blogs and personal documents on one device. You can easily switch between books, and the device will remember where you stopped reading without the use of a bookmark. You...

GoTryThis Software Rreview of July 16, 2011

Swiftly see which of your promoting efforts are failing or succeeding at any provided minute and around time. See all your advertising - for all your world wide web websites - and other links in ...

Elizabeth Kennedy Children's Books Expert for

Children's books have played a prominent role in Elizabeth Kennedy's career in PreK-12 education. As a journalist, Kennedy has reviewed and written about children's literature for more than a decade.

How to Install a Sink Pop Up Assembly

When you use a sink, you normally see only the stopper in the drain and the lift rod that sits in the hole in the back of the faucet, even though the pop-up stopper has an assembly with more parts below the sink. Knowing how the different parts fit together and work so moving the lift rod also moves

Sam's Mustang

A photo gallery of the upcoming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie.

Baron Zemo

A gallery of the popular Marvel comic book character, Captain America.