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What Does "Yamato" Mean?

Definition of the term Yamato from your Guide to Asian History.

Dionysus - Wine God

Dionysus, the wine god, was the son of Semele (and Zeus), nephew of Agave, and cousin of Pentheus. Pentheus, the mortal cousin of Dionysus, didn't believe the divine paternity of Dionysus, imprisoned the god and suffered as a consequence.

The Mulberry Leaves

The Mulberry Leaves of the white mulberry tree provide the perfect food for budding silkworms.

Aesop's Life and History

He is, by an almost universal consent, allowed to have been born about the year 620 B.C., and to have been by birth a slave.

Herod the Great (73 - 4 B.C.)

Herod the Great. In Antiquities of the Jews - Book XIV, the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus explains how Herod the Great came to be king of the Jews.

The Unhappy History that Led to the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution had roots that went back decades. It began with an unhappy people and ended with a weak-minded leader. Follow the history of the Russian people as they turned their anger into revolution.