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Martina McBride

View photos taken at Martina McBride's show at Harvey's Amphitheater, in Lake Tahoe, NV, on July 29, 2007. Features Little Big Town as the opening act.

Tips for Left Hand Guitarists

This article is for the left hand guitarists. These article provides some tips on how they can get out of the problems that a left hand guitarist have to face often.

Information on ILM

Information life cycle management (ILM) refers to the way electronic data are stored and maintained within the information technology industry. ILM does not define a particular software product or storage method. ILM refers to an overall approach to data, including organizational policies, storage a

Become Your Own DJ Using DJ Software

Producing and managing your own audio mixing, thanks to the dj software that are available and the best thing is that they allow you to produce standard and quality work by yourself. The software are available for each type of computer system you are using, you just have to find the compatible softw

Home Audio Systems Ireland

Concerning amusement, audio system are a standout amongst the most critical decisions to make. With numerous progressions in sound building, loads of tasteful audio system are accessible in the Ireland business sector to browse. With ...

Getting Your Child Into Singing Lessons

The young ones are the easiest ones to teach singing lessons to. Notice how a child can sing on tune in nursery rhymes and eventually on their own favorite songs as they get older. If your children have what it takes, and with their own willingness, you can enroll your child in singing lessons.

Learn to Play Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is often overlooked as an instrument to play. People tend to think of it as way too easy and not as fun as the typical acoustic or electric guitar. That is not necessarily the case. As with any instrument, you can choose the level of challenges you face in the bass guitar. You can be

Duke Robillard Profile

Profile of blues musician Duke Robillard, founding member of Roomful of Blues and noted blues and jazz guitarist.

Music and Sound - Mechanics of Creation?

No second pass that leaves the world in absolute silence. Every second new, natural sound and music is composed and performed by nature itself. How wonderful it is to appreciate such natural masterpieces. But itmakes one wonder whether there is more to it than just this. Maybe the fiber of creation

The Greatest R&B Hits of 1968

The biggest R&B hits of 1968 were at once harder and lighter than ever before, as soul's groove morphed into funk and its romanticism crossed over into a smoother new brand of poppish R&B. Here are the best of 1968's R&B classics.

Go for a Photo Booth to Make Memorable Your Party

Going to arrange for a good party which can be remember for everyone in whole life then you have to find good professional for the same. From event manager to DJ all will be arranged ...

Evolution of Music and Availability of Karaoke Songs

Music has seen many eras and transformations in its facets and is continuously facing new changes in its format. Throughout the history music has been the integral part of the human lives. From emperors to ...

What To Ask When Looking for Latin Bands for Special Events

Booking a great Latin band can be quite challenging. There are plenty of things you need to consider to get exactly the band that suits your needs and budget. So after heaping on research and shortlisting your best candidates, it's time to see the band for an interview.

Disco Diva Donna Summer Continued Pop Chart Dominance Through the '80s

Some music observers may not realize that R&B/dance pop singer-songwriter Donna Summer enjoyed almost as much success in the '80s as she did during the '70s, when she became a bona fide disco diva superstar. In fact, Summer was arguably more active during the latter decade, releasing six s

Body Dimensions of Gibson ES339 Guitars

Finding out the precise body dimensions of the Gibson ES339 can help you decide whether you would prefer it to a traditional semi hollow-bodied guitar. The ES339 was designed to provide players a smaller-bodied version of Gibson's standard semi hollow-bodied electric guitar, the ES335. Semi hollow-b