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How to Magically Dissolve a Coin in a Glass of Water

This cool magic trick will amaze your friends and astound your enemies. You drop a borrowed coin into a glass of water (or whiskey) and it dissolves and vanishes completely! Everything can examined.

Take a Treat - Theatre Breaks

If you fancy a short trip away that offers plenty of culture then a theatre break could be the ideal solution. Here you simply book the hotel and theatre show as a package in order to benefit from discounted rates - this saves time and money when compared to searching for and booking the different a

Dance Competitions - Tricks Or Technique - A Judge's Point of View

Judges are concerned that teachers and dancers are replacing technique with tricks.It is important to remember that no amount of tricks work if the basics are not sound.Choreography should contain the dance elements that the dancer has accomplished.The goal of dancers and choreographers is to create