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How to Compound a Car

Preparation is the key to any paint or wax job on a car. One of the best steps to take is to compound the finish. Compounding gets all the dirt, grime, tar and other residue off of the underlying paint so you are left with a super clean surface for the new finish you are about to apply.

How to Magically Dissolve a Coin in a Glass of Water

This cool magic trick will amaze your friends and astound your enemies. You drop a borrowed coin into a glass of water (or whiskey) and it dissolves and vanishes completely! Everything can examined.

What Does a Rat Pack Tribute Show Consist Of?

What makes up a Rat Pack tribute show? The general idea behind a Rat Pack tribute is to relive the magic that the original group had given us through a recreation of their antics, dialogues, personas and, most notably, their music.

Dance Competitions - Tricks Or Technique - A Judge's Point of View

Judges are concerned that teachers and dancers are replacing technique with tricks.It is important to remember that no amount of tricks work if the basics are not sound.Choreography should contain the dance elements that the dancer has accomplished.The goal of dancers and choreographers is to create