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An Interview with Valerie Cruz (Zee, 'Off the Map')

From Nip/Tuck and Dexter to True Blood and Off the Map, Valerie Cruz has made herself comfortable in our living rooms for years. Get to know more about this lovely actress as we chat with her about her role on ABC's Off the Map.

Suspending Disbeliefin Movies

It's amazing how many movies require a mega doze of "disbelief suspension" on the part of the audience. Unless you become a willing "partner in crime," many thrillers and murder mysteries just plain don't work.

Online Free Movie Masti

Free movies online! Unbelievable! Yes watching movies today is no more a big job. You do not have to plan to go to the theatre.

How Can SEO Help Me In the Entertainment Industry?

In the Brick and Mortar world people get visible by refurbishing their premises, employing a door barker for their restaurant, or placing flyers in a targeted area, or advertising, or getting press releases and featured reviews or articles, and of course simply by word of mouth - and we know how pow

DishTV DVR Special

If you live in a rural area or a small town, you might think that you can't get good TV. After all, you're probably too far away from a city to receive over the air ...

My Favorite Sean Penn Films Of All Time

Sean Penn is one actor who has definitely been the center of a good amount of controversy in recent years. It seems he cannot stay out of the spotlight, whether he means to or not. Aside from the press he may receive from the general public, there is no doubt that Sean Penn is an incredibly talented

Apple TV Review

The On Demand video business has truly grown over the years. Every company from Netflix to Blockbuster has used benefit of this online industry because of the growing desire of people wanting to watch motion pictures from the comfort of their home. This evaluate is basically to inform you about this

May - A Hidden Best Horror Movies Treasure

We were nicely surprised when we saw May for the first time. It was one of those stumbled upon films with no expectations, and I was immediately both drawn to and repelled by Angella Bettis' portrayal of this very disturbed and very sad young woman. Basically the girl is really messed up, but y

Technical aspects of 3D TV

As far as the technical aspects of 3d tv [] are concerned, you should know that there are various kinds of 3D technologies. These include the stereoscopic active, stereoscopic passive polarized and the anaglyph. It ...

What's the Deal With Twilight?

So what is the big deal with Twilight? Sure Edward is hot, but Vampires have BLOWN up this year. Here are some of my idea's of why Vampires are so interesting to us mortal humans.

Reality Bites as 3D Home Television hits the UK

With James Cameron's Avatar beating Titanic, also by Cameron, to become the highest-grossing film in history, the craze for 3D action in movies has never been stronger. Later on in 2010, we saw films like ...

White Collar And The West Side Story

In this episode of White Collar, there is a new case present this week; it’s about scholarship money embezzlement, where a teenage student played by Graham Philips goes to the FBI to file a complaint against Andy woods played by Dylan Baker accusing him with embezzling scholarship money.


Picture of Mandy Hellman in Neighbors from Hell.

A Beginners Guide to Know the History of Superman

Superman is one of the most famous fictitious characters on earth. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman first appeared in 1939 in Dalton Comics. Going by the history of Superman, he is the son of Jor-El who lived in the planet Krypton.

Create Your Own Home Theater

The joy of watching movies in a theater is something that most of us get hooked on as children. The larger than life screen, the surround sound experience and of course the smell of the ...