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Raised Soil Beds For Your Next Garden

Do you remember when you were a child and the garden your grandparents had in their backyard? It probably had straight, long, narrow rows with a fairly large well packed walking space in between each ...

Imaginative Gardening Ideas for Starting a Garden for Children

If you are starting a garden for children and are looking for gardening ideas or just for a labour-saving theme, and the contemporary gardens are too radical, too extreme, too austere for you, consider making a wild garden from your plot. Here, two essentials are most important. You must make a real

Helpful Tips for Buying Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Homeowners with large areas of lawn aim to have a perfectly manicured lawn because only a healthy lawn can enhance the beauty of your homes. Before lawn sprinkler systems became popular, most homeowne

Chia People Container Gardens

You can make these tiny container gardens in almost no time and for very little money. You can also turn some into chia people. It's a great project to do with kids.Get the step by step instructions.

Creating a Pet-Friendly Garden Environment

A pet-friendly retreat is easily achieved by using the right plants, fertilizers, and shade. By carefully planning the layout of the garden it is much easier to offer a space to encourage the family pets to rest and feel comfortable.

Is Organic Fertilizer Safe?

Organic fertilizers are made from organic matter, generally bone, kelp, manure or plant debris.When fertilizer is needed, the choice is either chemical or organic. Chemical fertilizers are made from synthetic materials and if used incorrectly are not safe for your plants or your health. When a

Time 2 Shine Sundials

Use this Fabulous Hare and Turtle Sundial as an outdoor timepiece or fill it with a little water for an elegant birdbath!

Getting your lawn and garden ready for the winter

Your outdoor plants have worked hard for you all summer, making your yard a place you're proud to call home. Properly winterizing your lawn and garden is an important step toward healthy soil, lush grass, ...

Hiring Fake Plants To Beautify Space Is An Affordable Option

There is nothing like livening up any space with some beautiful plants. Whether it is your home, office, or for an event, bringing in bright coloured and uplifting plants can make any space enjoyable to be in. Ordinarily plants take a lot of care, as they need to be watered and attended as well.

Learn More About Landscaping in Tampa

Every household seeks a landscape garden attached within its boundaries. But just like other cities, in a busy city like Tampa, US, it is a little tough to have a spacious yard added to one's ...

Container Herbs In and Out

Containers are another place where herbs can easily grow and thrive. Hanging baskets and window boxes are also good places to grow them. Growing your herbs in pots is just as easy as doing the same thing in a garden.

How to Plant Cockscomb Seeds

Celosia receives its common name, cockscomb, from the resemblance between the fully opened flowers and the comb on a rooster. The ruffled flowers emerge in red, pink, yellow, orange and purple, and some types feature two colors on each bloom. The flowering annual tolerates light frost and produces b

Wondering Why You Cannot Get Rid Of Those Bed Bugs?

Ugh. Bed bugs. They can be such an irritating insect. First of all, they crawl around in your bed at night and bite you, and during the day you can never seem to find their hiding places.

Mulching Improves Tree Health

Applying mulch around your trees is a simple and cost-effective way to promote better tree health. During rainy periods, mulch promotes better saturation of rain to the roots of the tree. Mulch breaks