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How to protect hair from heat damage

Hair can suffer serious damage from heat acting on it. Heat damage can come from the sun, from using a dryer or other hair styling methods. Knowing how to protect hair from heat damage is essential to

How to Make a Citrus Vinegar Facial Cleanser

Vinegar is good for both oily and dry complexions. The topical application of vinegar has been shown to improve noticeably skin plagued by acne because vinegar not only cleanses the complexion but also tightens and closes the pores. In addition, vinegar often has been used to treat mature skin. V

An Importance On Specific Stop Nail Biting Services

Little nails soreness a whole good deal soon after nibbling and will deter the propensity. Manicure and additionally Nail Artwork - An additional prominent method to quit nail chewing was by decorating all of them.

How to Mix Red and Dark Brown Hair Dye

Box dyes can be a cheap solution to coloring hair, but sometimes the exact color you want isn't available. For example, you might want a dark red shade, but you want an auburn red, not a mahogany. It is possible to mix a shade of brown with your red shade of choice, and it's not difficult. When buyi

How to Customize Your Own Sweatpants

Customizing sweat pants is a great idea for sports warm-up uniforms, marching band practice clothes, outdoor club uniforms, and other organizations or activities that can benefit from matching customized sweat pants. Customized sweat pants can be an excellent gift for family and friends. Within larg

America Ferrera

Take a closer look at the jewelry celebrities wore to the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards, September 21, 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fragrance and Perfume

Perfumes smell different on different people because our body has different reaction on our own skin based on our personal PH levels. Furthermore, there some external factors such as stress, hormonal changes, nutrition, skin type and so on can effect the smell of the perfume on us.

3 Day Face Lift - Does it Work?

If you want to improve the look of your skin get it looking years younger, but surgery isn't your thing, consider Perricone's 3-day diet or the 3 day face lift. Dr. Nicholas Perricone has pioneered this diet, which at its core isn't just for 3 days. People can follow the diet (and los

Bronzing & Blushing With Minerals

Mineral makeup can add that healthy Jennifer Aniston glow to your skin leaving it looking natural and of course not to forget, long lasting as well. There is absolutely no need for you to touch up whether you perspire or whether you are in the water! While mineral blushers are used to add color to t

How to Age a T-Shirt With Vinegar

Vintage t-shirts are very fashionable these days, but you may not have the time or money to hit those secondhand shops and find what you need. Often once you arrive at the shop, the best things have already been taken. Here you'll learn how to take any t-shirt, new or old, and make it look like it c

Girl Short Scene Hairstyles

Cut your bangs in a 45 degree angle, dye bright colors into your hair or sport a choppy mullet, and you can call your hairstyle "scene." Scene hairstyles have emo, fashion icon, punk rock and unique influences that come together to reflect your own style. Combine several influences, like a hard edge

Make No Bull-Taurus Tattoos Are Hot!

Make no bull about it, there are many inspiring Taurus tattoo ideas. You don't have to commit to an animal to honor your earth sign. Let's take a look at what rages inside the Taurus and find a few suggestions that will make you go red.

How to Make Natural Skin Lightener

There are many reasons a person might want to lighten her skin, including religious beliefs, cultural or heritage considerations or upbringing. Her skin may only tan in certain spots, or she may simply be unhappy with the current color or shade of their skin--either overall or in certain areas. You

How to Make Tropical Body Scrubs

Tropical body scrubs are surprisingly easy to make. They work just as well as expensive store-bought body scrubs and are also a fun project you can do at home with friends and family. Tropical body scrubs are also organic, which means they are good for your skin and the environment. With a few tropi

The Benefits Of The Cushy Lips Lip Plumper

Many women all over the world are unhappy with their natural lips. Fortunately there are a number of solutions for this problem. Women that do not want to undergo expensive and painful collagen inject

Hydroxatone Reviews : Information Source For Potential Hydroxatone Users

Hydroxatone reviews online are visited regularly by women and men seeking to know the latest about the much-acclaimed anti-wrinkle cream. If you are looking for an effective and performing wrinkle cream but do not know how to go about choosing the right one, then independent online review portals an

The Basics You Need To Learn About Temporary Eyebrows

In the eyebrows section of the global cosmetic markets, temporary eyebrows are becoming increasingly popular. This trend set was set a while back and since then it has taken the market by the storm. W