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What Is the Definition of Heatstroke?

Heatstroke is a severe medical emergency often caused by working or exercising in hot environments combined with dehydration. The elderly and children are at higher risk for the heatstroke. Learning more about heatstroke can help in preventing the condition.

How to Fix a Sony TV After a Power Outage

Your Sony TV might not immediately turn on after a power outage has occurred. Its inside components may have been jolted during the extreme high electricity surge or drop in power. The effect is typically temporary; however, speeding up the recovery process depends on the TV restoration steps that y

First Aid for Head Injuries

Most head injuries are minor and do not require a trip to the hospital, but it can be a very serious injury requiring immediate medical attention in some cases. Knowing how to properly administer first aid for a head injury is important in minimizing the risk.

Must a Workman's Comp Employee Use His Own Time to See a Doctor?

When it comes to a workman's comp claim, employers and employees alike must muddle through some sticky territory to be sure all of the rules are followed. Because seeing a doctor is part of the process for worker's comp insurance claims, employees often have at least one -- if not more -- appointmen


A list of authors contributing to the topic of cuts.

Gold Rush? Extracting New Solutions Via 'Data Mining'

This article explains how the process of data mining can help hospitals with multiple objectives, from predicting insurance fraud and identifying at-risk patients to informing clinical decision making.

Knee Therapy After Surgery

After having surgery on your knee, it is important to understand your limitations in mobility until you have completely healed. Simple activities such as walking, running and even driving must be limited or avoided to reduce the risk of injuring yourself further and possibly causing an infection. Yo

Flood Protection Grants

Severe flooding can cost lives.hurricane image by cherry from Fotolia.comFlooding can cause people to lose their homes, lives or families. Federal and state governments offer assistance to agencies and organizations that work to protect U.S. citizens from floods or protect their safety if...

How to Get a Doctor Referral for a Medical Massage

Massage is increasingly becoming a popular treatment for soft-tissue injuries. It has been used for centuries, but only in recent years is it once again being accepted as a legitimate medical resource and not a codename for illicit activity. Still, getting a doctor's referral for massage therapy can

What Do the Doctors Do When You Have a Seizure?

A seizure occurs when your brain suddenly produces abnormal, electrical activity. Some seizures produce mild symptoms while others can cause violent shaking called convulsions. Seizures have many causes including high fevers, reactions to medicines, head injuries, diseases and epilepsy.<

What Is a Vascular Doctor?

A vascular doctor specializes in the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases of the arteries and veins. Vascular doctors treat these diseases with drug therapy and specialized surgical techniques.

The Aging Surgeon

Should a mandatory retirement age be in place to protect patients from the aging surgeon?

Treatment for a First-Degree Burn

The degree level of a burn signifies how badly burned the skin is: the higher the degree, the more serious the burn. A first-degree burn usually accompanies brief contact with dry or wet heat, sunburn, or friction from a rug or rope. Although the least serious of burns, it can still affect nerve end