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How to Borrow From Health Savings

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) were created by the IRS to provide consumers with a tax-free option for saving money toward qualified medical expenses such as doctor visits, prescription drugs and immunizations. Individuals and families can save for medical expenses using an HSA, provided that the IR

Glyburide and Health Insurance - Finding Coverage

Glyburide is specifically designed to help in the management of Diabetes Type 2, which is the non-insulin dependent form of the disease. Like most chronic conditions, insurance companies are always a little difficult when it comes to getting coverage for this type of medication. The reason that insu

What Is the Average Hourly Salary of a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical technologists -- also known as operating room technicians -- assist surgeons throughout the operation. They prepare patients for surgery, washing, shaving and dressing them. They set up operating room equipment, ensure sterility, transport patients to surgery and position them on the operat

7 Steps to Getting Experimental Surgery Authorized

Do you need experimental surgery or this is what your insurance company called it. Is it really experimental surgery?Hhow many times has it been performed? Who performed it? Before you hear from your medical insurance the procedure your doctor wants to perform is considered experimental, too expensi

California Health Insurance Rate Hikes Face Regulation

With skyrocketing health insurance premiums, consumers cry out for the need to put an end to excessive rate hikes. Insurance companies have proposed increases in health insurance premiums as high as 59 percent this year. To fight back, Assembly members have new legislation that requires excessive hi

Salary for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Many graduates with bachelor's degrees use the degrees as stepping-stones for graduate school for master's and doctorate programs. If you'd like to enter the workforce after graduating, however, be prepared to accept a job that's not directly in the psychology field. A 2006 survey of recent grads by

A National Health Plan Idea For the US

We have heard political candidates weigh in with various ideas of what would work to change the health care system and their vision for a national health plan. Here is an idea that comes from an insurance agent who works with that same system daily.

What Is a Divorce Mediator's Salary?

Divorce mediators help divorcing couples reach an amicable resolution regarding issues such as child support, alimony and property division. Mediators provide a neutral meeting ground for spouses who can't agree on the terms presented in a divorce. Mediators usually have a legal or counseling backgr

Medical Insurance in India

Health security in recent times is quite a significant affair. This is because of the rising medical costs. There is no dearth of good hospitals and good doctors and surgeons, but costs involved in getting a critical illness treated may take a toll on one's financial health. Medical insurance p

Low Cost Health Insurance - What Are Your Choices?

Due to the serious financial crisis, there are many Americans who do not have the coverage of health insurance. Most of them have automatically become uninsured when they have lost their jobs. Some who are currently employed but their employers do not provide healthcare insurance for them. As a resu

Family Care Health Insurance Plan - Things That Will Help You Get Lower Rates

Being on the same health insurance policy could save you a lot if you're married. But before you do this make sure you check first to see whether this will attract more savings. This is because sometimes it's more profitable to be on different plans and at other times it's more profit

Top Secrets to Make the Health Insurance Pay the Bill

Getting a health insurance is one of the best methods for self-protection, but under no circumstances should you forget that the main purpose of the insurers is to make a profit. This means that in many cases they deny to pay, so that they get to keep more money. In case you happen to be in such a s

Maternity Coverage and Health Insurance - What You Should Know

Having a baby is an exciting event, but things like picking names, buying clothes, and planning for a baby shower need to come second to maternity coverage. You need to make sure that you have the proper health insurance in place so that you don't wind up with thousands of dollars in medical bi

Are Humidifiers a Qualified FSA Item?

A humidifier can be a qualified item for a Flexible Spending Account disbursement, depending on the decision of the company administering your plan.However, because the plan is funded with pretax earnings and withdrawals are not taxed, the IRS has the final say.

Are There Affordable Healthcare Options Out There?

There are numerous health insurance options available to those with low or no income. Many groups that take advantage of the valuable resources provided by public health insurance are children, the elderly, and working people.

How Small Business Owners Can Cut Their Health Insurance Costs in Half

With the skyrocketing cost of health insurance, small business owners are looking for ways to reduce their health insurance cots.Business owners now have the option to set up Health Reimbursement Arrangements to do just that.Learn how to set-up and manage your company's HRA in order to lower yo

Types of Health Insurance Available in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanians can choose insurance coverage from private individual or group plans, or from government concept image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comAs elsewhere, health insurance in Pennsylvania is regulated at the state level. There are three basic types of...