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Dry Cracked Heel Treatment For Your Foot Skin Problem

There are plenty of people that are going to be able to benefit from the use of dry cracked heel treatment. There are literally millions of people that are contending with cracked and dry heels all the time.

How to Deal With Water Retention

The amount of water inside the cells in the body is regulated by certain hormones, the kidneys and sodium levels in the body. Anything that alters hormone or sodium levels or decreases kidney function can potentially cause water retention. Minor water retention is common and affects women more often

Surgical Procedures for Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery is a common method of alleviating pain and repairing the structure of the shoulder. While there are several types of shoulder surgeries, three of the most common are total shoulder replacement, partial total replacement and rotator cuff surgery.

What to Do for Night Time Leg Cramps?

Leg cramps can attack seemingly out of nowhere and ruin a good night's sleep. They begin mostly in the calf muscle and pull tighter and tighter until you are in immense pain. If you experience this painful condition, you should know that they can happen to anyone, and there is no one, definitive cau

Signs & Symptoms of Spinal Disc Disease

Spinal disc disease is a medical disorder affecting the spinal areas such as the lumbar, thoracic or cervical sections. The spine absorbs daily movement because of fluid found throughout the spinal column between the vertebra. Aging can cause fluid reduction in spinal disc disease.

Pain Medicines Used for Gout

Uric acid (a toxic waste product) builds up in the blood when the body either can't get rid of the acid through urination or the body produces too much of it. The excessive uric acid then forms crystals that embed themselves in joints, causing intense pain. When gout pain hits, the quickest way to g

Total Joint Patients Prefer VTE Prophylaxis Device

A new study confirms that the ActiveCare mobile compression device is equivalent to warfarin in preventing VTEs in total joint patients, reducing adverse events and increasing patient satisfaction.

Bone Marrow Procedures

Applications of Bone Marrow ProceduresThe first bone marrow procedures date back to the Neolithic period, but are still useful in modern medicine. Bone marrow analysis is performed to assess the condition of the bone marrow, to search for signs of infection with fevers of unknown origin,...

Trigger Finger Definition

Trigger finger occurs when the tendons of the fingers become caught, causing a painful, snapping sensation.

Shoulder Physical Therapy

Because of the anatomical structure of the shoulder joint, it has an incredible range of motion and is the most flexible joint in the human body. While being able to move the shoulder in a variety of directions is useful in activities, it comes at the expense of joint stability. While younger people

Nerves that Cause Leg Muscle Pain

Leg muscle pain isn't always due to pulling a leg muscle or a strain or sprain. Sometimes the pain experienced in leg muscles is due to a nerve problem. Sensory and motor nerves run throughout both legs and can cause leg muscle pain if a nerve is damaged or compressed.

Leg Edema Causes

Leg edema is a condition that causes painful swelling in one or both legs that can cause the leg to look abnormally swollen. There are a number of causes that can contribute to leg swelling, including certain medical conditions, pregnancy, obesity, advancing age, injury, or certain...

Nutrition to Fight Osteoporosis

Aging and other factors can cause our bones to lose calcium. This loss can cause osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones weaken and break easily, and structures such as the spine begin to collapse. Over time complications can occur, including nerve damage. Osteoporosis is much better dealt wit

Exercises to Help Sciatica

A sciatic condition can cause pain down the back of your leg, reaching as far as your little toes. This pain often happens when the supporting leg muscles such as the hip flexors or piriformis are either not stretched enough or strengthened. By stretching and strengthening those muscles, it is possi

How to Rehababilitate a Pulled Quad Muscle

The quads, or the quadriceps femoris muscles, are the four muscles that make up the front of the thighs. The quadriceps consist of the rectus femoris, which covers the other three muscles that make up the quadriceps; the vastus medialis, on the inside part of the thigh; the vastus intermedius, on th

Symptoms of Partial Rotator Cuff Tear

There are four muscles surrounding the shoulder that help to keep the shoulder stable during movement. Tendons connect these muscles to the bone and when there are partial tears in these tendons, small tears that do not go all the way through the tendon, shoulder pain, inflammation and soreness may