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15 Years of the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) marked its 15th year anniversary on July 26, 2005. Has it made good on its promise to broaden access to businesses, schools and jobs for the disabled? These 15 links give a range of information on ADA's successes and challenges.

Why Does Jealousy Drive Some People Crazy? (Part 1 of 2)

Why does jealousy drive some people crazy? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about self-centeredness vs. thankfulness. Children's answers are fun, sometimes quirky and often insightful. Because this article features children's answers, it's perfect for rea

Suggestions to Protect Your Child

Tips on how you can work together with your child to prevent abduction. What you should know. What your children need to know.

How to Clear a Baby's Ears on an Airplane

Flying with children can be a positive and exciting experience. Using some researched techniques you can make it fun for your children and for the adults involved. The change in pressure that we experience while flying can be even worse for young children and babies. By helping your baby keep her

Parenting Tips - How to Raise a Healthy Teen

Keeping your teenager healthy in a world of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, can be a real challenge. Even sexual activity may be evident in your teen's life. You may find yourself worrying all the time trying to keep her or him healthy. Teenagers are constantly facing changes in their lives, and w

Baby Gifts Made in USA

Buying a present for a new baby can be somewhat challenging given the many options currently on the market. There are numerous choices for gifts that are made all over the world. However, some people prefer to buy American-made products. Luckily, there is also a plethora of entertaining and stimulat

Baby Shower Checklist For The Shower Supplies

Creating a checklist is always a good idea when planning a special occasion. A baby shower is one of the most meaning occasions in a mother's life, which is why it has to be planned carefully. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but one must consider some important things to make it memorab

Setting A Healthy Example For Our Children

Do as I say and not as I do!Sounds familiar? Chances are that if you are a parent, then at some point you have said this comment or have applied this theory to your parenting style. However, your children are watching what you do and will do the things that you do.

Fostering – A Challenging Task

Broken family relationships, physical ailments of parents, poverty and death of parents etc are reasons for many children to become dependent on care-taker families for their survival as well as growt

Baby Registry Ideas for Moms and Parents Expecting Twins

Finding out that you're expecting twin babies means twice the excitement. Along with planning how to welcome these two little bundles of joy into your life, you also have to think of all the things ...

The DO's and DON'TS of Parenting

DON'T - Don't play with your child's new toys, telling him/her you just have to make sure it is safe, first. Don't tell your children to eat their peas while you're hiding yours under the mashed potatoes. Don't scream every swear word in your vibrant, colorful vocabular

Child Bullying - Can Martial Arts Training Help?

Can Martial Arts Training help children overcome bullying at school. Ask your instructor some basic questions to ascertain if you have the right martial arts training school near you.

Unique Halloween Baby Clothing

Yes it is that time again Halloween when you need those colorful and cuddly baby clothing in rock styles, to let your little boy or girl, shine and look their best, you all want them to look extra special. Some people liked to be prepared ahead of time as it comes around so quickly, so get ready to

Seven Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

What every mother will tell you when she has had a child is that the single most important thing you can achieve in the early months is getting your baby to sleep through the night with the minimum of disruption to your own sleep pattern. Although this is the "Holy Grail" and, it is not ea

Parenting And Webkinz

I can\'t remember the first time I remember seeing a Webkinz. Like everyone else I'd heard something about them on the media or is passing comments from friends but it really was not something I ever thought I would be involved in. Imagine my surprise.I vaguely remember hearing talk about