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Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids on a Pregnant Woman

Hemorrhoids are common, especially in pregnant women. Hemorrhoids can be brought on by excessive straining during a bowel movement or while a pregnant woman is pushing in labor. Hemorrhoids are painful, but you can get relief from them at home.

How Does Jet Fuel Affect Humans?

Jet fuel, like any fossil fuel, can affect human health. The effects of this fossil fuel are generally not felt by people in the general population, but people who work directly with jet fuel need to be careful about exposure to its chemical properties.

Where to Sign Up for Food Stamps

As of Oct 1, the food stamp program will be known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. With this new name comes a focus on nutrition and helping low-income families eat healthy.The name and focus are new, but the need is still the same. So, where can families and individuals apply for f

Kidney Homeopathic Remedies

Kidneys are the filters that keep blood pure. When your kidneys malfunction or become stressed, you may begin to experience urinary and digestive problems, chemical imbalances, blood pressure fluctuations and a general feeling of lethargy, discomfort and depression. Homeopathy is an alternative trea

Information on an Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

Herbal medicines have been a part of treatments for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for a number of ailments. Even now, these same herbal treatments are used in many areas, including the treatment of diabetes.

Dangers of Curly Fluorescent Light Bulbs

This light bulb can be hazardous to your health.modern light bulb image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comFluorescent light bulbs, with their distinctive curly shape, save energy and reduce pollution. However, each fluorescent light bulb contains about 5 milligrams of mercury. Though the...

Latanoprost Side Effects

Latanoprost, sold by Pzifer under the brand name Xalatan, reduces the pressure in the fluid inside the eyes of people with open-angle glaucoma or other conditions that cause ocular hypertension. The medication, which patients drop into the eye once each evening, can darken parts of the eye and cause

Tips to Remove a Splinter

Fingertips and feet seem to be the most frequent locations for splinters to sink in. Jagged slivers of wood, plastic or glass can cause pain and, potentially, infection. Signs of possible infection include swelling, excessive redness or pain following removal of the splinter. If the splinter is too

How to Make a PS3 Fit a Normal TV

The PlayStation 3 can display images in 16:9 for widescreen televisions, or 4:3 for standard televisions. If you try to display a widescreen image on a normal TV, the image is displayed with black bars on the top and bottom. The image is rendered smaller to fit the screen. On a small TV, it can make

Colon Cleansing With High Fiber Foods

The purpose of a colon cleanse is to improve your energy level, concentration and overall health. It accomplishes this by reducing the strain on the liver and helps the bowels excrete compacted fecal matter that is preventing nutrient absorption and holding toxins in the system. You don't need to go

Calorie Count and Glycemic Index of Different Breads

Bread is a staple of American cuisine. It can be homemade, or made by machine or all by hand. It can be purchased from a bakery or store, in so many varieties, from slices to rolls. People who are careful about their food intake watch the calorie counts of their breads. Those who are prediabetic or

What is the Importance of OSHA in the Welding Workplace?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created to help ensure that workplace environments will be held to a strict standard of safety, regardless of the type or location of businesses that employ workers for full- and part-time positions. Welding can be one of the most dangero

Herbal Solutions for Depression

Depression is a persistent negative state of mind expressed through your emotions. Stressful events, life situations and diet can cause chemical changes in the body that lead to depression. According to the book, "New Medicine: Complete Family Health Guide," 1 in 5 Americans experience depression. <

The Holidays & Food Poisoning

Whether it's Christmas or the Fourth of July, holiday celebrations and food go hand in hand. Often, party hosts prepare food in large quantities for their guests and leave food out for guests to serve themselves. These situations can lead to foodborne illnesses if the host does not handle the food p

How Many Carbs for a Diabetic Diet?

According to the American Diabetes Association, learning more about the way carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels is the main factor behind getting control of diabetes. There are three general ways to regulate the amount of carbohydrates you eat: counting carbohydrates, following the glycemic in

Define Disinfectant

Harmful illness-causing germs can lurk on almost any surface, and while a thorough cleaning can get rid of most germs, it takes a disinfectant to kill them and keep them from spreading.

How to Find Pressure Points on the Chest and Body

There are many important pressure points located on the chest. They are said to provide relief for breathing difficulties, lack of focus, and reproductive issues. Since the pressure points of the chest are located in front of you, they are easily accessible and simple to manipulate.

Bleach & Water Recipe for Deck Cleaning in Cool Weather

Wooden decks are durable structures, but they require ongoing maintenance to maintain the attractiveness of the wood. One such task is cleaning the deck to remove stains. If the deck stains are the result of algae, mildew or mold, a bleach solution is required to both kill and remove them. The best

Natural Diuretics Food Remedies

A diuretic increases a person's urine output, helping her rid her body of excess water. Food diuretics are often not as strong as diuretic medication so patients currently taking diuretics should consult their doctor before switching to natural diuretic food remedies. Whether you experience chronic

What Are the Health Benefits of L Carnitine?

L-carnitine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning it occurs naturally in the body and does not have to be supplemented through diet. However, supplements of L-carnitine provide certain health benefits, particularly for cardiovascular issues. People also take these supplements for energy boosts. L-c