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All About Batteries

Batteries have been around since the early 1800s and are now used to power many different devices, from television controllers to cars. They are able to convert chemical energy into potential electrical energy, and they use that electricity to power the device they are hooked up to. They are so impo

Jet Fuel Tanker Operator Salary

Jet fuel tanker operators transport fuel from distribution plants to airport and other aviation facilities for use in private, commercial and military aviation. The role requires a Class A commercial driver's license and extensive experience in tractor-trailer driving. The Bureau of Labor Statistics

How to Make a Bone Awl

An awl is a long, thin hand tool with a pointed end. Bone awls were first created and used in the prehistoric period. They are used for poking holes through leather and tough materials. Bone awls were also believed to be used for basket weaving and sewing. Today, awls are usually made of metal, and

How to Install a Chain on a Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks are carved wooden clocks that feature a mechanical cuckoo. A set of weights supplies power to the clock's inner workings. As the weights descend, they turn the gears that move the clock's hands. The weights are attached to the clock by means of long chains that fit over wheels located

How to Make a Miniature Pretend Bagpipe

You can make a miniature pretend bagpipe for your dollhouse or diorama. Craft a tiny set of bagpipes in 1:12 scale to place with the drums in the weapons room of a tiny Scottish castle. Bagpipes could be a great addition to the music room in a Victorian mansion as well, and could add a well-traveled

Names of Different Soils

Soils take their names from the physical and chemical characteristics in their layers. The names also come from the areas where they are found. Some of the characteristics that affect soil names include: texture, color, and the composition that the soil has.SiltSilt has a lower...

How to Remove PVA Glue

PVA or polyvinyl acetate glue is commonly used for craft and school projects. PVA glues are made by several companies and, although their chemical composition may be slightly different, they are all used in the same way. In the event of a PVA spill, you can remove the glue by using water. PVA glues

How to Stop the Hypercam From Recording

HyperCam is a screen recording utility for the Windows operating system. This application captures the elements on your screen making it useful for creating software tutorials and presentations. It can also be used to record full-screen applications such as video games. When finished recording, you

How to Build a Railing for a Deck or a Porch

An outside deck or porch can be a great addition to your home and provide hours of enjoyment to your family. If you are planning to add a deck or porch, you may wish to add a railing for aesthetic purposes or be required to add a railing based on your local building codes. Your railing can be as sim

How to Use Ceramic Kilns Without Cones

Ceramic kilns use cones to measure the interior temperature of the kiln during a firing. It is possible to measure the temperature without the use of cones. Pyrometers are the most accurate way to measure the temperature. Temperature can also be estimated by the interior color of the kiln using a co

Regulations for Propane As a Refrigerant

Propane use in household air conditioners is prohibited by the EPA.window air conditioner image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comThe emergence of propane as a refrigerant is primarily due to the phasing out of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) that began in 1995 and the push to regulate...

Directions for Slumping Wine Bottles

"Slumping" is a term used to describe the process of heating a bottle so it melts down and collapses into a flat surface. Slumped bottles are used for cheese plates, cutting boards or spoon rests. Often sold at craft fairs, slumping wine bottles could be a nice hobby and you will always have a prese

What Lizards Live in Southeast Texas?

The Texas horned lizard eats mostly ants.texas horned toad 2 image by sally from Fotolia.comThe southeastern parts of Texas provide habitat for several types of lizards, with some of these reptiles existing in grasslands and others in woodlands. Some of the lizards of this part of Texas...

How to Extract the Gold From Computer Circuit Boards

If you have access to a large amount of e-waste, you may literally be sitting on a gold mine. There is gold that can be recovered from discarded computer circuit boards--but in such small amounts that the time-consuming and dangerous process required to remove gold from computer circuits is only wor

How to Fix Faded Natural Oak Wood

Natural oak wood is generally light amber with a pink hue. Over time, unfinished wood items exposed to sunlight can fade. You can restore the wood to its natural finish with a few simple home tools. The restoration might cost pennies on the dollar compared to replacing the item. Treating unfinished

Poncho Crafts

Ponchos, those Spanish draped tops that are sometimes not much more than a sheet of fabric with a neck opening and arm holes, remain popular in Latin, Mexican and Spanish cultures. Ponchos have also been adapted for modern use and ponchos in various sizes, colors and fabrics can be found for men, wo

How to Make an Arch on a Shaper

You can make arches on shapers. You must use a band saw to cut the rough shape of the arch out, and then you can fabricate the arch for use as a transom above a doorway, or window or make smaller arches for a set of cabinet doors. You can make the radius of the arch any size you want or even make th

How to Calculate a Metric Cut Tap Speed

The female threads on nuts and in surfaces for receiving screws and bolts owe their shape to a tap. A tap is a tool like a drill bit that drills holes and leaves behind finished female threads. Each tap is shaped to match a specific screw or bolt diameter, either in inches, as in the American system