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Why Teddy Bears Are So Widely Loved

Teddy bears are hugely popular among people of all ages and backgrounds. Where did they originate, and what gives them their unique appeal?

What Home Sewing Supplies Will I Require To Quilt?

Quilting is the simple stitching together of two or more layers of sewing fabric. My recommendation is to begin with a small and simple design in order to learn the quilting process. However, no matter which way you are planning on making a quilt (hand sewn or home sewing machine), you still need so

How to Identify Antique Sundials

Sundials were perhaps the first tools that humans used to tell time. Sundials gauge the time of day using a shadow cast by the sun. It is likely that the first sundial was simply a stick placed standing upright in the ground. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the production of sundials became much mor

Wholesale Yarn

Wholesale yarn is a term used to refer to yarn which is sold and bought in bulk. The wholesale yarn suppliers sell particular quality of yarn in wholesale or in bulk. This is particularly of use to those people, who run small yarn shops and make large number of items made of yarn. In short, yarn in

Horse Hair Pottery

A description of what horse hair pottery is and how to create your own horse hair pottery pieces.

How to Date Nippon Marks

In 1878, the Japanese import company Morimura Brothers began distributing plain pieces of unpainted china, known as "blanks," to be hand decorated by skilled artisans throughout Japan. These early pieces had back stamp markings consisting of the traditional Japanese "Kanji" characters for "Nippon" (

Model Boat Building As a Social Activity

Chances are you have a couple different types of friends. You have the friends who you share a lot in common with and can go out and do anything with. Then you have the friends that you are so different from and for whom you may sometimes wonder how you are friends with.

Top Ten Reasons Arts and Crafts Helps Boost a Child's Self Esteem

A child's self esteem is built throughout the course of childhood. Although ultimately the child develops her own perceptions of self and builds her own self esteem, reinforcement from the outside world is crucial in fortifying the child's self assessment.

Box Kites - A Brief History

Box kites have a relatively long history when compared to other types of Western kites. The first significant builder and flyer of box kites was Lawrence Hargrave, whonever patented the idea that was capable of lifting a man off the ground. Then came Samuel Cody who pioneered aviation in the U.K., a

Gifts In a Jar Recipes

Find directions and recipes to make a variety of unique gifts to please everyone on your list.

How to Make an Instant Denim Jeans Bag

You can make a funky denim jeans bag on your kitchen table in less than an hour. I loved using a pair of decorated small girl's denim shorts for this project.

How to Search With Your Metal Detectors

There are metal detectors sold in the market that creates a different sound when it has found a scrap metal. This will really help you a lot because it can save you from time digging for a useless item.

Toolpost Helps Tackle The Issue Of Dust Extraction With The Camvac

The ToolPost ( understands the importance of workshop safety, as well as the potential hazard of accumulated dust. That is why they sought to find the most effective tool for dust extraction throughout two years of practical testing in their very own workshop. The result?

Shaving Had Become My Hobby

I love to shave, and it has become something of a hobby. Finding the right accessories has been very fun.

Simple Candle Making How To Guide

If you want to take part in a new hobby or want to tap in to your creative side then a candle making how to guide is for you. Candle making is an age old tradition that goes back thousands of years, out of almost all of the arts and crafts that people partake in, candle making is the oldest. It is g

On Model Railway Layouts

Creating your own model railway layouts can be a very rewarding experience. You can find many models of trains in the market like steam engines, wind-up clockwork, diesel, and even electric trains. Once you start to build your own layout, you will also need to purchase houses, stations, signals, fre