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How to Design Floor Plans Online

Designing floor plans online is becoming more popular. First, it allows the average person with few resources to design their own plans. Second, designing floor plans online helps in visualizing your ideas before making drastic changes to your house. You get to see how your ideas cohere immediately

How to Get Construction Bids

From small interior repair work to institutional work for new construction involving several trades, all construction projects should have multiple bids. Multiple bids qualify budgets and scheduling. They gauge the ability of the client and the contractor to support the work. Multiple bids also prot

How to Operate a Kerosene Lantern

Kerosene lanterns have provided a reliable source of lighting for more than a century. The distinctive hourglass shape of the glass lantern magnifies light from the burning kerosene wick. Filled with fuel, a kerosene lamp can burn for hours. Modern kerosene lamps are typically used for emergency lig

How to Get Rid of Dirt Marks on the Carpet

Dirt marks on your carpet can often be vacuumed off the surface, presenting very little problem. But when dirt marks become ground into the carpet fibers, the stains become more difficult to remove. Prompt action is important so the stains aren't ground into your carpet further when your family and

Ideas for Wood Yard Planters

Wood yard planters are not limited to the lawn. Merchants sell planters in smaller lightweight sizes to use as hanging baskets and flower boxes. You could also place wood planters on a deck or balcony, or utilize a wooden yard bench as a decorative planter. Wishing wells make nice wood...

How to Build an Energy Independent House

Climate change, the approach of Peak Oil, and rising energy prices are causing many people to look more seriously into alternatives. An energy-independent or "off grid" home is a worthy goal for many reasons. Done properly, it is less ecologically damaging than a conventional home; done humbly and i

How to Apply a Final Finishing Coat to Drywall

Drywall is used to finish the walls of a house. It is placed over wood studs that are spaced about 16 inches apart with insulation in between. Drywall typically is nailed in place -- although some builders use screws -- and seams are covered with a drywall tape that is embedded in mud compound. Once

How to Fix Humps in the Walls From Drywall Joints After Painting

Drywall is mounted to the wall studs in sheets, then the seams are taped and plastered to be smooth. If the taping isn't done correctly, you can end up with a ridge or hump along the seam. Sometimes this isn't visible until after you paint the wall. If you discover your new wall needs a drywall seam

How to Shingle a Turret Style Roof

A traditional roof containing a conical or turret tower can be a challenge for the roofer accustomed to working with straight angles and sides. A simple pitched roof has at least two sides and a hip roof has four. The round or turret style roof is basically a hip roof with an infinite number of side

How to Make Rustic Tables

Rustic furniture complements a log cabin or ranch home. Solid wood construction using mortise and tenon joinery makes rustic furniture durable. Once rustic tables are coated with acrylic wood treatment, they have a deep shine that emphasizes the inner beauty of the wood. Making your first piece of r

Metal Planishing Tools

Planishing tools contribute to the raising and rounding of armor.metal armor image by musk from Fotolia.comWhether for sculpture, Renaissance fair armor or auto body repair, planishing tools finish off the sheet metal shaping process. Metal planishing tools include implements which pound,...

Kitchen & Bathroom Ideas

Buy interesting bathroom decor.bathroom containers image by Tammy Mobley from Fotolia.comYour kitchen and bathroom are two main rooms in the house that get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Decorate a bathroom and kitchen that highlights your favorite colors and decor styles. Buy decor...

Types of Home Insulation Materials

Insulation can help save on utility costs, but is can also help control the sounds that you hear from outside of the home. There are seven different types of home insulation materials to choose from when you are considering making the home more energy efficient. Although each one is applied differen

How to Use a GDT-11 Multimeter

The GDT-11 is an entry level multimeter used for basic electronics testing. The GDT-11 is a 5-function, 18-range multimeter. It can be used for testing everything from home electronics to automotive wiring. The GDT-11 is easy to use. However, as easy as it is to operate, learning to use this multime

How to Do Carpet Joints

Installing a new carpet is often part of a building or remodeling project. Carpet installation is not a project to undertake if you have novice do-it-yourself experience because of the skill and special equipment needed. However, you can accomplish it if you have the correct knowledge along with the

How to Add Shine to Dull Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are both durable and attractive. However, foot traffic can cause a hardwood floor to become scuffed and dirty. Cleaning your hardwood floor is a simple way to add shine. Select cleaning products that do not leave behind residue that can dull the finish of your wood.

How to Make Bathroom Tiled Shower Stalls

The shower stall in your bathroom can be covered in any kind of material that is waterproof. Modern options exist, including fiberglass and plastic, but for a finer and more traditional look, tile is the surface of choice. Tiling the shower wall is a little more different from tiling a regular wall,

How to Fasten Metal Roofing in High Wind Areas

Metal roofing is a popular form of roofing in all areas of the country. Like any other type of roofing, in high wind areas, you must take extra measures when fastening the roofing. Installing metal roofing in high wind areas follows the same procedures as roofing in normal areas with just a few extr

How to Repair a File Cabinet Lock

Many businesses and companies still use filing cabinets instead of computerized filing. Homeowners with offices at home are also likely to own multiple filing cabinets. These pieces of furniture are essential for organization within a business and for document security. Filing cabinets often come wi