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How to Convert a Singer Sewing Machine to a Coffee Table

Singer sewing machines mount to large wooden tables. When not in use, the sewing machine flips down into the table so you can use the top of the table for storage. The mounted sewing machine and the overall height of the table make it a poor coffee table candidate in its natural state. However, with

Interior Decorating Ideas You Can Doand Affordthis Winter Season

Are you worried about whether you can do any remodeling or decorating with your over-stressed budget this year? Before you give up,consider a few cheap-to-inexpensive ideas that can energize your home without short circuiting your finances!

Ideas for Decorating a Mantel

If a fireplace exists, it is usually the focal point of the room, and the fireplace mantel is the most important decorative part of the fireplace. Overly decorate the mantel, and you will give a normally relaxing fireplace a cluttered, stressful feeling. Leave a mantel bare, and the fireplace---and

How to Choose Room Colours When Painting Your House?

Colours play a massive part of our lives and we are constantly affected by them throughout the day. They can uplift our mood when we are feeling down or relax us when we come back after stressful hours at the job. Every colour has its story and influence on our mood, so it is vital to pay attention

The Best Trim Color for Dark Red & Brown Brick 2-Story Houses

A two-story house of dark brick looks grand and impressive. If you are fortunate enough to own one, you may wonder how to paint the trim to accent and enhance the beauty of your home's stately facade. A few color guidelines will help you give your house a fresh look with plenty of curb appeal.

How to Clean Decorative Pillows in in Dryer

Decorative pillows are an economical way to add more flair to your rooms without the big cost of pricey interior decorating. You cannot wash most decorative pillows in the washing machine as the machine would shrink and warp embellishments sewn or adhered to the pillow. To properly maintain your dec

How to Dress Up a Single Bed

Whether you are a parent trying to decorate a room for a child or teenager or an adult who is pressed for space, working with a twin bed can present some challenges. The small size of a twin bed can make decor and design more difficult, but you can still use your creativity and style to create a tru

Non-Chemical Methods for Removing Wallpaper

Use non-chemical methods to remove wallpaper.Green wallpaper image by Tasha from Fotolia.comRemoving wallpaper takes time and effort. Most wallpaper removal products contain chemicals to which you are exposed for as long as it takes to remove the wallpaper. If you're sensitive to...

Diaper-changing Surfaces

While a tiny baby doesn’t need a lot of furniture in those first months, you will definitely want a convenient, corn portable place to change diapers up to a dozen times a day. And even the tiniest clothes need to be stashed somewhere. Blankets, sheets, waterproof pads, and diapers need a home

Create a Functional Kitchen in the Open-Air

The outdoor kitchens designs consists of BBQ, gas grill, bar sink, stainless steel drawers, etc. These are mainly built into a rock-face cabinet covered with a concrete counter. The amalgamation of textures brings and additional ...

Why Does Drywall Mud Crack When Dry?

Drywall mud, also called joint compound, is a pastelike material used to cover the seams between boards of drywall in a process called drywall finishing. Drywall finishers use wide-bladed knives and paper drywall tape to cover cracks and to hide the screws that are used to attach the drywall to wood

Secrets To A Stress Free Christmas

<span lang="EN">Christmas is a time of joy, festivity, and family. So why do we find ourselves angry, overwhelmed, and wishing that we were orphans? The holiday season is full of things that we have to ...

Space Planning: Dining Room Case Study

Instead of selling your home and moving to a new one, take another look around. Maybe you already have the space you need, but it's not being used effectively. It makes sense to re-evaluate the available space in your home and figure out how to better utilize it to suit your changing lifestyle.

Discreet And Charming - Panel Glides

Sliding panels were originally a Japanese architectural feature. They became so popular that they're now standard throughout the world. (Even the universal "sliding door" is actually a version of a sliding panel.) That principle works very well with blinds, too. Designers love panel g

Why You Must Avoid Direct Buy At All Costs

Why is it that there are so many scum bags? One of my attorney's told me once, "South Florida is a Sunny place for SHADY characters." He's right. Ladies and Gentleman, I'm sure that you've ...

How to Attach a Waterbed Head Board

Waterbed frames come in several different styles. Hardside waterbeds include wooden risers or drawers, decking and an exterior frame. Sometimes the frame includes a flat or bookcase head board that attaches to the top section of the frame. Bookcase headboards are placed on top of the frame and secur