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The Best Way to Rake Leaves

Raking autumn leaves is hard work, no matter if the gardener enjoys the task or not. There are ways to make the fall ritual more enjoyable as well as less labor intense.

Video: How to Harvest Raspberry Leaves

Video Transcript Hi, I¡¯m Farm to Table Chef Teca Thompson, at And today, we¡¯re talking about how to harvest raspberry leaves. So, raspberry leaves are edible fresh or dry, and they usually make a tea out of them. And, this is a homeopathic belief that they¡¯re good...

How to Create Privacy on My Patio on a Budget

Sometimes our home is confining and we need to get outside. You create yourself an outdoor patio where you can lounge outside and cook out. Then you realize you need more privacy because you are close to neighbors on both sides. You want to enjoy your patio, but need some kind of patio privacy scree

Can Compost Be Put Around Clematis Vines?

Clematis belongs to the Ranunculaceae family of plants. Many varieties of this hardy plant grow in climates as cold as U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness Zone 3. With proper care, they often live longer than 25 years, according to the Ohio State University Extension. Adding compost to th

How to Grow Delphinium Belladonna From Seed

Hybrid delphiniums that are part of the Belladonna group (Delphinium x belladonna) are flowering perennials, hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 3 to 7. They bloom during the summer months; however, if you sow the seeds outdoors--which is typically done in the fall--expect your delphiniums

How to Pebble Front Porches

If you want to cover your front porch with pebbles to make it more aesthetically pleasing, you can do the job yourself instead of paying a professional landscaping service to do it for you. This project isn't difficult to complete but will require working with heavy materials and a few tools. After

What Is a Tool Post Grinder?

There are many grinding tools available, such as small hand held rotary devices. Alternatively, there are larger, more powerful grinding tools, like a tool post grinder, that function to repair items that normally would be thrown out (See Reference 2).

How to Plan a Spa Landscape

A spa landscape incorporates hardscaping with the placement of trees, plants, and outdoor buildings. Before you begin, stake out the area of the landscape that will be dedicated to the spa. Place furniture that you'll use around the spa in the staked area and set empty flower pots in places you inte

How to Make Mulch Without a Chopper

Mulch is used to insulate soil, prevent water evaporation and soil erosion, and to keep weeds from growing. Homemade landscape mulch is usually made from dead leaves and other remains of plants and trees, while commercial mulch is generally made from bark. Eventually landscape mulch will rot and bec

My Briggs 5HP Won't Stay Running

Briggs and Stratton is the largest small engine manufacturer in the world. The company builds small engines primarily for residential and commercial landscaping. These small engines typically run on gasoline or gasoline mixed with two cycle oil. Because these engines are not technologically driven a

Installing Landscape Fabric for Your Garden

Landscape fabric is a tool that is designed to prevent the weeds from growing. It is made from a high quality spun bound material that can stop the weeds from getting out of control but also maintaining the soil's moisture.

How to Build Your Own Outdoor Canopy With Mosquito Netting

Summer can be a great time to be outdoors with friends and family, but in many places bugs, like flies, no see ums and mosquitos, can drive people back indoors. Building an outdoor canopy with a mosquito net can help you stay and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the bugs. By making your own

The Many Uses Of Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is useful for a variety of reasons within your yard or garden. There are a large variety of styles to choose from, but landscape edging is not always used just for decoration. It's often handy to help separate various areas of your yard, contain invasive plants, or keep the gra

What Causes Zoysia Grass to Yellow?

Zoysia grass is typically a thick, green turf used for landscaping and golf courses. Occasionally zoysia grass turns sickly shades of yellow when it is under attack from either a pest or a disease. If you can determine what is causing your zoysia grass to turn yellow, you can combat the...

11 Keys to Maintenance for Roses

Rose Bush Care Roses have survived on Earth for centuries and perhaps even thousands of years. They grow in almost every country in the world. There is a variety of rose to fit anybody's needs. ...

Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Spaces

A large bathroom is truly a selling feature for any home. You want to invest time and money in a good design so that the space looks luxurious. Invest in fixtures that are high-quality in a large space. By visiting closeout sales or buying items leftover from large building projects, you can often p

Builders Know the Value of Post Caps

Your fence will fail if your posts fail. As important as that is just think if your posts fail on your deck, this could be a total disaster! Now, don't get me wrong, the posts are not going to fail right away but a post left to its own devices will eventually deteriorate from exposure to the el

How to Remove Algae From Ironwood

The ironwood tree is found in the Sonoran desert, which spans areas of Arizona, California and Mexico. The tree grows in excess of 45 feet tall and will live for over 1,500 years. During these years the wood of the tree is harvested to create firewood, wood carvings and fence posts. As with any othe

How to Make a Bin Organizer Bookshelf

You can make a single-level bookshelf with bin-style openings to organize books into categories. It works similarly to how a cookie sheet organizer works in the kitchen. There are slots cut into the upper and lower shelves that have sliding hardboard dividers. The dividers can be taken out to make b