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Geothermal Heat Pros & Cons

Geothermal systems warm homes and businesses using natural underground heat.grass,lawn image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comAlthough air temperatures fluctuate with the seasons, underground temperatures remain stable. During fall and winter, this means the temperature belowground feels...

How to Make a Faux Rock Fountain

Building a rock fountain for your garden is easier than moving and manipulating large natural stones. Faux rocks weigh far less than their natural counterparts, with a medium size resin rock weighing only four pounds each. You can find faux rocks and stones in a variety of shapes and sizes both onli

How to: An Outdoor Fountain

Building an outdoor fountain can add a touch of beauty to your yard and enhance your landscaping. Many people also appreciate the relaxing sound of flowing water. You can purchase a prefabricated fountain at the store, but if you want to show off your skills, you can build a fountain yourself.

Cherry Barb

A profile and photo of the Cherry Barb, Barbus titteya, including habitat, care, feeding, and breeding.

water parameters

A definition of the aquarium term water parameters

Patriotic Porch Pillows and Cushions

Decorating for the 4th of July, Memorial Day and other all-American holidays takes place outdoors. These patriotic holidays occur during spring and summer and are centered around outdoor activities. Decorate your porch, patio, deck or other outdoor room with pillows, flags, plants, containers, bunti

A Rock Star Owns This Pool

Surely and truly, above pools are a popular choice with pool owners these days. A lot of things has got to be the reason for such renowned popularity and success through out hundreds of home in the U.S., Europe and many other regions and countries. An above pool is much more affordable than an in po

Clean Swimming Pools-The Next Generation

Most residential and commercial swimming pools use chlorine for basic water sanitation.Though unchallenged as a pool water sanitizer, any pool owner knows that chlorine and its cousin bromine can be nasty and hard to handle.Hang on bunky 'cuz a new combination of pool technologies may have the

How to Replace a Pool Skimmer Basket

The pool skimmer is an important part of your swimming pool's system. The skimmer is responsible for feeding the water into the pool pump. The water first enters the skimmer and runs through a basket, where any debris is caught, such as leaves and bugs. When the skimmer basket is broken, it should b

How to Clean a Raypak Boiler Burner

Raypak produces residential boilers used to heat the home. The boilers are gas powered and heat water that is then used to heat your home. Annual maintenance of the Raypak boiler is needed to keep the unit working properly. Cleaning agents shouldn't be used on your boiler as they may be flammable. W

Some Tips in Finding the Best Swimming Pool Cleaners

Before buying an automatic pool cleaner, it is important that you do the following: product review, contact customer support representative, visit local stores, and ask experts. Read this article and know some useful tips.

Three Tips for How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool

If you've recently put in a salt water pool, then you should know by now how important it is to learn how to maintain a salt water pool. The better you know how to maintain a salt water pool, the more easily you can keep the water safe and healthy. Remember, after all, that poorly maintained sa


A definition of the aquarium term irradiance.

Above-Ground Pool Skimmer & Return Instructions

When installing a skimmer and return line in an above-ground pool, the most important consideration is water circulation. You want the skimmer positioned to effectively pull off surface water to trap floating debris, oils and suntan lotion. You want the return line to send water back to the bottom o

Information on Novelty Water Fountains

When adding something memorable to a home's landscape, a novelty water fountain can be a worthwhile addition. With a history that dates back to about 2,000 B.C., water fountains themselves certainly come in many different shapes and sizes nowadays. And when it comes to a specific design or theme, th

How to Create the Perfect Haven of Relaxation With Your Dream Maker Hot Tub

The ambiance in the vicinity of your dream maker hot tub can be enhanced using by adding attractive decor and functional furniture. The surrounding perimeter of your portable spa is the perfect place to start working on designs. You can avail furniture with themes or colors that compliments the look

Hiring A Swimming Pool Contractor

Are you wasting your time on the telephone calling around to pool contractors? There are many ways to begin your search for a swimming pool contractor, one of which is the "old school" way, the dreaded telephone book.