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Lame Duck Obama

A political cartoon about President Obama's executive orders.

We Must Save Our Billionaires

Billionaires as as useful as traffic cops. Necessary but not lovable. Billionaires just have a way to make money from anything.

Mocking Trump

A political cartoon about mocking Donald Trump and his comb-over.


A political cartoon depicting Barack Obama relaxing with a game of Scrabble.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been known for centuries as one of the the majority high-quality of all gemstone. The pearl is the oldest recognized jewel, and also, in the past, the most precious. Powhattan was an keen ...

Tricky Questions

A political cartoon about the 2012 election campaign.


A political cartoon about BP's attempt to put a positive spin on the oil spill in the Gulf.

Barack and Michelle

A captioned photo of Barack and Michelle Obama at the Inaugural Ball.

A Magician at Your Event

A Magician at Your Event Planning an event can be a worrying task, whether it is a wedding, corporate event or private party. Organizing entertainment that is suitable for everyone can be difficult, particularly if ...

CEO Trick or Treat

A political cartons about CEO compensation, Obama, and Halloween.

Touting For Dinner

In your average family, there are a couple of coming of age moments, usually revolving around a bar/bat mitzvah, a confirmation, graduation, sweet sixteen or having your first legal drink with your parents. In my family, there were three of these moments: your bar mitzvah, the first time you could l

Janet Jackson Breast Jokes

The best late-night jokes about Janet Jackson's breast and her Super Bowl halftime peep show.

CIA Torture Report

A political cartoon about the CIA report on torture.

No Love From Banks

A political cartoon about bank's unwillingness to loan consumers money.

Pushing Luck

A political cartoon about the McCain campaign's attempts to win the election with distractions and distortions.