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Creating a Safe Baby Blog

A baby blog is a fun, hip way of keeping track of your baby's development. However, you should blog wisely and follow these safety guidelines.

About Different Skin Rashes in Children

When a child has a rash it is often a response to something that is causing irritation to the skin. Skin rashes can cause itching, redness and a lot of frustration. By looking into the cause of the rash, you can avoid a doctor's visit and treatment can be administered. Rashes can be easily treated a

Tubercular Meningitis in Children

Tubercular meningitis (TB meningitis) in children is an inflammation of the meninges caused by tuberculosis. The meninges are the protective coat that covers the brain and spinal cord, also known as the central nervous system (CNS). This condition in children has many causes, risk factors and sympto

How To Choose The Best Baby Name From The Name Dictionary

A currently available dictionary offers the list of latest boy and girl names and meanings. Using them, parents can carefully go through the list and check those names, which they find suitable for their kids.

Nearly 5% of Youngsters Suffer Sports Injuries, Study Finds

Despite advances in preventing sports-related injuries, including laws requiring helmets for bicyclists, new research suggests that nearly 5% of urban teens and preteens suffer at least one sports injury serious enough to require medical attention -- most often from falling or from striking an ...

Teens and Cigarette Smoking

Almost 1 in 5 teens smoke cigarettes. Although that is a decline from previous years, more needs to be done to decrease the number of teen smokers even more. Does your teen smoke?

Choose Various Baby Toys by Age For Your Children

Babies are strange and wonderful creatures... but often, they're just strange! It can be utterly perplexing to try and figure out why they ignore mirrors, balls and the TV.

Adolescent Sensory and Motor Development-Topic Overview

Before the adolescent growth spurt,the strength of boys and girls is about the same. But afterward,males most often have the advantage. During these years of rapid physical growth,adolescents may be somewhat awkward or clumsy as they get used to longer limbs and bigger bodies. Their brains need ...

About Toddler Ear Pain

In toddlers, ear pain is almost always caused by an acute or chronic infection. There are several ways to keep a toddler comfortable while he has an earache or ear infection.

Utilize Natural Skin Care Treatments In A Daily Skin Care Routine

Skin may become painful plus even crack or peel. Not just does the make-up stay on for at least 12 hours, the strength of the color stays because well. Tanning i nthing but kin damage nd n lead t premature aging.My blog post; bella pure And celluria

Best Baby Care products for the New Born

Having a new born baby is probably one the most cherished experience for a parent. The experience brings a package of joy and ecstasy in your life. But along with the happiness comes an important resp

Eight Tips for dads trying to feed finicky eaters

Trying to feed kids can be very frustrating. Cooking is hard work and you also want to make sure they get the foods they need and learn good eating habits. Here are eight tips to help you feed the pic